Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Vintage Hunting in St. Augustine

We spent an afternoon vintage shopping in St. Augustine while there on vacation. I hadn't looked up any shops before we went because I wasn't sure if the friends we were traveling with would be interested. BUT on our way to lunch on day we passed a few antique malls and shops and had to take a look! What I really wanted was some kind of kitschy Florida thing, like this key rack...
 Kinda loved that monk cookie jar.
 Those squirrel salt and pepper shakers almost fit the bill.
 What do you think that metal container is? It looks like cake carriers I've seen but it's so tall, maybe 20 inches? It was covered with fun stuff to do like skiing and swimming and driving fast!

 I'll take that chalk bulldog! Or the eagle!
 This pink place was called A Step Back in Time. 
It had the most bakelite/celluloid/early plastic I've ever seen in one place! This case had shelf after shelf of it! I loved the little stands they were using to display the bangles.
I looked in here for a LONG time. I'm not really a jewelry wearer but it's fun to look at. There were so many brooches I would have loved to bring home! But the prices were very high.
See how cute the stands are? You can actually see what I decided to bring home in this photo. You can probably guess...that pink dog brooch!
I'll take the flamingo, and is that a lobster?!
 Celluloid cat charm with googly eyes!
  Don't those rings look cute stacked up like that? 
 I was excited to see this bakelite brooch! The style is the inspiration behind so many of the beautiful pieces sold by Luxulite. And look at that price tag! $450! Is that insane? I don't know much about bakelite prices really, but geeze!
 There was so much good stuff in these display cases! I could have looked all day! I really need a glass display case for my house.
 Beautiful flamingos!
 Those chalk grumpy babies were amazing too.
 And you know I'm always down to browse some vintage Christmas.
We had a lot of fun browsing, even if I only made one purchase. I'll always think of this amazing trip when I wear it.


  1. I ADORE that key holder. so darn cute!

  2. That place is so cool. I could spend hours there.

    Thanks for sharing.

  3. What a lot of stuff to look at!! You had great restraint, if you only bought one thing!

  4. I've really been enjoying your vacation pics! Looks like so much fun!!!! I saw these a few minutes ago and thought of you :-) Check this out, free on yerdle: Kissing pug salt & pepper shakers

  5. I just found your blog this week, so I'm catching up :) Just wanted to let you know that the cake carrier really is a cake carrier. It comes apart so you can carry multiple things at once. The bottom/top is big enough for a pie and the middle is for a cake. I use a pink one all the time :)


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