Thursday, August 7, 2014

Around Town in St. Augustine Part Two

Hope you aren't sick of my vacation posts already! I've still got the Wizarding World to go! But we're heading to the world's longest yard sale this weekend so I'm sure I won't be able to wait to post about that! Here is the last post about St. Augustine. There are a lot of tourist destinations in town. We didn't really want to tour any of them, but it was fun to go outside of them and take photos!
This fort is called the Castillo de san Marcos. My dad made us go there when I was about 13 and it was SO HOT and booooooring to a teenager. We had a lot more fun posing outside. We were laughing so hard and there is a busy road about 30 feet away. I love having friends who will be silly in public.
Maybe a new classic?
Remember when jumping photos got so popular? Now I remember why, they are so funny to look at later! Look at Travis!!!
And the classic "Holding up the fort" shot. Travis and I actually toured the fort when we stopped in St. Augustine two years ago. It is pretty interesting, but more bearable when it isn't 95 degrees!
Another cute house! I need a porch like this. 
I couldn't get over the trees! I love how so many of them have grown like this, like they are constantly being blown over.
We could see this lighthouse in the distance all week and had to go in for a closer look. Isn't it cute with those stripes?
And of course we had to go to Mellow Mushroom at least once while we were on vacation. It's tradition! I love that place. Some of the best vegan pizza in the world!
We also had to stop by the old jail. Lots of the trolley tours start in the parking lot and there are lots of shops in a little strip mall type thing. We didn't plan to, but we arrived after everything was closed. Which was fine, because then we could take as long as we wanted taking dumb photos.
I'm a little bummed we didn't see any gators the whole time we were in Florida! Unless you count the baby ones on display at a gas station we stopped at.
The old jail definitely had some of the best photo ops we came across during the trip.
I called the one with the dog! 
We were taking pictures posing under these gallows and I came up with idea of trying to look like we were being hanged. We talked about photo shopping ropes in but I think that makes it toooooo gruesome. This one made me cry I was laughing so hard. I love it! Another new classic!
Sometimes it is hard to get the perfect shot. There are probably over 100 of these.
Such a good pose. It works in every situation right?
On our way out of town we stopped at the Manatee Cafe for breakfast. For some reason it is hard to find vegan breakfast places so Travis and I are always thrilled when one pops up!
I kinda can't believe we didn't see a manatee either? This restaurant had a mural in the bathroom of a mermaid and a manatee. They are so cute.
I got vegan pancakes with bananas and walnuts. They were amazing!!
We also saw this beautiful baby in the parking lot of Publix TWICE. Isn't he/she gorgeous? There was someone sitting in there with him and now I wish I would have walked up and asked them if I could pet that sweet bulldog.
Thanks for being so great St. Augustine! It was the perfect beach town for us! 


  1. What a lot of great photo opportunities! I can tell you had fun!

  2. Alligators are not your friends. I was in Florida for a military training thing and got a severe migraine. I was being driven to another base when I had to throw up. I ran from the van to a ditch next to the road, falling to my knees to vomit. As soon as I was done, the driver grabbed my arm and started pulling me back to the van. My head was killing me, I felt like crap and thought he was being rude. Once we were in the van, he told me why. I had been 10 feet from a huge alligator. Could have easily grabbed my head and pulled me in the water. I could have gone my whole life without seeing an alligator that close, thank you very much.

  3. The hanging photo is the best.

  4. Ok I have so many things to say about this post. 1. Did travis flash his manatee tat at manatee cafe to get a discount? 2. You guys are really really the best posers ever. 3. The picture of Marc in front of the bell is a bit of an optical illusion...the sides of the bell makes it look like he has really long spider legs. 4. faux hangings are the best. That is all.

  5. Okay, now you've created a problem...instead of going on my own road trip, I am inviting myself on your next one. Silly photo-ops are a favorite; as much as I love seeing the highlights of a town, I'm not always ready to take the full (often boring) tour. You seem to have a great group of pals - so much fun!

  6. hahahahaah the hanging video of travis! so good with the swinging moss!!


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