Monday, June 22, 2009

Back from our trip

we have returned from our trip to the smokey mountains! only to find that our house has been overrun with fleas in our absense!! the poor kitties didn't even want to get out of their carriers (they spent the week at a swanky pet resort.) so now i am spending a few hours out on the back porch with them, hoping this special flea bomb i got from the vet will work. we had a great trip. i have a lot to post about. and over 1000 pictures to go through! ahh!! (oh i shouldn't act like that's bad. i like going through the pictures and deciding what to post almost as much as i like the vacation.) i have discovered a new hobby. i've been reading about letterboxing in one of my favorite blogs and looking up letter boxes today i found out there are 4 within a few miles of my house! so today i am beginning the quest. i'm very very excited. i'm going to try and get friends into it too. so yes. there should be some good posts coming up! because i love the MF smokey mountains. evidence? :

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