Friday, June 22, 2012

New Puppy in the Family

One of my best friends just got a new puppy. You KNOW I was over there within a few hours. This is Ryan's new border collie mix puppy, Taft! Look at this happy new daddy!
It is a long story, but he is also watching Taft's sister Bennie for a few days this week. They are six weeks old. They will go back to their mom after this week, and Ryan will get Taft back when he is 8 weeks. I can't decide which is cuter! 
Here comes a puppy picspam! We were only there a little more than an hour, but it took 170 pictures! Don't worry, I'm only posting 13.
Something about those razor sharp puppy teeth!
Crystal came with me. She is a fellow puppy breath connoisseur.

Look at that mouth!
Puppy dream boat.

I mean seriously, could a puppy be any cuter?
They better learn how to pose.

It was puppy love at first site. I can't wait to see this little dude grow up!


  1. Gah! those puppies are adorable!! Bennie looks like she's got some blue merle or aussie in her too.

  2. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    1. ugh, sorry, i don't know how i deleted your comment

  3. The cutest puppies ever, and look at those sharp toofies ! Yikes!

  4. aaaaaah so adorable, you can just SEE how soft they are awwww gosh x

  5. d'aww so cute. Seems like everyones getting new pets this summer. 7th picture down is my fave, loooove it.

  6. oh my god so cute!! i have a friend who legitimately dislikes puppies and HATES puppy breath. i think she's the devil.

  7. I can't wait to watch him grow up either. So exciting. I work as a vet nurse so i know all about that wonderful puppy breath.

  8. Can't look! TOO CUTE! TOO! CUTE!


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