Sunday, April 28, 2013

Cute Lunch!

I try and pack my lunch for work every day. It doesn't only save me money, it also helps me make healthier choices. I used to always eat a HUGE piece of cheese pizza because it was quick and easy. As you know, I like for everything in my environment to be cute, with a face if possible. So for my birthday I treated myself to an order from Bento USA!
 If you google search Bentos you will see all kinds of amazing cute lunches! I'm not talented at making my food look like Totoro (seriously, click that link!)or a garden, but the cute little accessories make packing my lunch more fun.
 A fun utensil set!
 These little pandas are for holding soy sauce! Or in my case, Bragg's Liquid Aminos.
 The little chicken holds seasonings! And the yellow bear is the perfect size for my salad dressing.
 I got a few packs of food pics. 
This package is probably my favorite. I love the question marks. What does it mean?!
 I've only used my stuff to pack a few lunches, but you know I documented it with ol' instagram. See the bear full of dressing? The puppy head full of hummus, and the picks in the vegan bundt cake and the cucumbers? So precious! I packed it in my tiffin.
 And here is my lunch from today! I think the egg guy is for mayonnaise, but I put dressing in it. The chick is full of this good seaweed seasoning Travis got at the Korean market near us. And that little giraffe was the perfect size to eat my cake! (we had THREE CAKES around for my birthday! We're finally out).
We got this book for vegan lunch packing ideas, I can't wait to try things from it! I have this book which is great as well.


  1. that sure is CUTE!!! I love japanese stuff. I fear I am too lazy to make my lunch with that much care though. I am also too lazy to be as healthy as I should, eek. I love the totorro lunch link I have always loved totorro

    urban hounds

  2. Those are the sweetest things!!

  3. Seriously, I bet that you can't wait to get to your lunch every day! CUTE.

  4. Just remember to save all the plastic pics and cups so you don't throw them i did. Thus ending my bento experiment of 2012.


  5. SO. CUTE. I need to get that vegan lunch box book FOR SERIOUS.

  6. the vegan lunch box book looks good! i love the little chicky-egg with his mouth open, too.

  7. Sooo cute. I love all the accessories you have and the bentos look fantastic.

  8. OMG SO CUTE. I want one of everything haha!

  9. I WANT!!! I wish I could justify buying all of it, but I always make myself a salad and there's no reason (other than sheer cuteness) to buy it. I love bento stuff though!

  10. I adore bento goodness, love your new collection. I'm selling mine off since I work from home now and rarely pack lunches for outtings. I especially love the grapes in the mason jar and the salad dressing holders.

  11. When I came to US, I was surprised that nobody use or understand "!?".
    I thought "Why people don't understand what '1?' means!?"

    you should check out this site. It is in Japanese, but it's easy to understand with the pictures. The site is for making character bento(kyaraben) in 15 mins.


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