Friday, July 26, 2013

Perfect Weekend Cabin!

I am going to be in a wedding this fall, and a few weekends ago we had a bridesmaids weekend in Camden, TN. That was exciting enough, but it was even better when we pulled up to this amazing retro cabin that has belonged to one of the other bridesmaid's families since the seventies! She said she thought it was built in the 50's and most of the furniture was in it when they bought it! You can't imagine how bummed I was when I realized I had left the battery to my camera at home. I almost didn't post these because they are cell phone pictures, but I can't resist! Just look at this place!
 Big beautiful windows facing the patio and the lake. 
 Look at that lamp! And those couches! 
 It was a very open layout and the space was maximized for sure. Look at the little kitchen! I didn't get a great shot of the pendant lights, but they were metal cylinders with punch outs. Perfection.
 There was a whole stack of these vintage plastic cups with metal handles. I loved them!
 Look at that van gogh over  the sink! And there is a little built in spice rack with vintage spice tins to the right of the sink. In the medicine cabinets there was even vintage medical supplies, not as a collection, they have just been there for years!
 Old metal cabinets!
 The vintage refrigerator is still in use of course. 
 Such a great front door. And the color choices! Amazing!
 I love these wicker head boards too. This was in the little bedroom. 
To the left is the vinyl pull out couch I slept on. It was so comfortable! I wish I had gotten a photo of the mattress on it. It had seriously beautiful illustrations of floral wreaths on it. Prettiest mattress I've ever seen!
 A chest full of extra sheets. That wood grain was printed cardboard, how cute!
 Close up on the curtains. They made the whole room orange in the morning, it was actually great.
 There were wooden cots to pull out too. It felt like we were at summer camp!
 Many veggie dogs were roasted. 
We never did swim off the dock though. It wasn't that hot (which is great!) so we mostly just ate and played games and laughed.
 Here were are presenting Dana (the beautiful bride!) with a gift! As one of our field trips we went to the freshwater pearl museum, and we bought her some pearl earrings that had been grown right there at the pearl farm to wear with her wedding dress! It was such a fun weekend. Made even better by that cabin! Can you imagine if that was your little vacation home?


  1. My god, I could just DIE! That place is insane! I want everything in it!

  2. Looks like a beautiful weekend. What a rad looking place.

  3. that place looks amazing, i really want the fridge especially!
    i'm impressed it looks in such good repair considering its age-in nz these retro cabins are common and are called a 'bach' or 'crib' but they are invariably really worn out.
    yay for girly weekends x

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  5. I could easily live dream summer home! I am sooo glad you took photos. Thanks for sharing. This place is a gem.

  6. SO COOL!!! I love that it is not "designed;" it is just the accumulation of things over the years. What a great place to have a weekend with friends. Although I must say, a weekend in an old, family cabin with just the girls kind of sounds like the beginning of a scary movie!!! I'm glad you had a blast!

  7. Ha ha! I just posted a pic of the inside of an old fridge, too! I totally get it ;)
    Thanks for showing!

  8. I want to live there! So awesome! Thanks for sharing this place.

  9. The metal cabinets! The printed cardboard woodgrain! The bride-to-be's-rockin' bangs!! I want it all! I'm glad you shared even if they are cell phone pics, this cabin is SO NEAT!

  10. That is so neat!! I think my Mom had the same curtains!

  11. If I could, I'd live there! I love it when places are so untouched it's like a time capsule.


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