Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Graceland! Land of Dreams!

 This is Travis' vacation week, and mine too! For a few reasons we weren't able to plan a big trip (nothing scandalous, it's too boring to type out) so we are having a little "state-cation." We're doing a few short trips to the big cities within our state. This past weekend we kicked it off with a trip to Memphis! We have been going to Elvis week about every two years since 2007, but we haven't actually been inside Graceland since Travis' parents took us probably 10 years ago! And I wasn't really into vintage then, so I knew it would be a treat!
 We decided to treat ourselves and do the platinum tour! It's only 4 bucks more, but seems more glamorous.
 I remember being underwhelmed by the size of Graceland on my first trip. It seemed more like a nice house, than an opulent mansion you would expect from the King of rock n' roll.
 The tour is self guided with some snazzy head phones. It was PACKED the day we went!
 Elvis had such incredible taste. I would move right into his house and not change a thing! Look at those peacock doors! And he really had a thing for incredible drapes.
 Looooove that mirror wall!

 Do you see that wallpaper!! It is in his parent's bathroom. What I wouldn't give for that purple tile/poodle paper combo!
 The tour does not include the upstairs. When he was alive, the upstairs was Elvis' sanctuary and guests weren't allowed up there. They continue that today. I wonder if it is furnished like the downstairs, or if it has all been cleaned out.
 There are so many paintings around the house that I would love to bring home with me!
 The dining room. Check out that mirrored wall and tabletop. And more drapes!
 The downstairs rooms are where it gets really good! This is Elvis' tv room, there are three little tvs mounted in the wall because he apparently liked the watch the news on the three major networks all at once. I love that big blue sectional so much! And that monkey!
 Here is the amazing mirrored bar in the same room.
 And the pool room! Isn't that a look? Look at the couch made of the same fabric that is draping the walls! It is so weird and dark in there, I feel like it would be anything BUT relaxing down there.
 Then it is everyone's favorite, the jungle room! Elvis loved Hawaii, and this room was decorated to remind him of his trips to the islands. It is so good, from the green shag to the carved furniture.
 Look at that faux fur upholstery!
He even had a custom indoor waterfall wall made.
I'm not sure what I love more, that bear, or the face on that chair!
The office out back. So much good fan art!
There are hundreds of gold records and awards everywhere. It is amazing how successful Elvis was during his lifetime, and continues to be even today. And those jumpsuits! I never got tired of them, even though there are TONS on display!
And the old movie posters. I really want one to frame in our house!
What I wouldn't give to dig through the stuff in this case! I need those Elvis shoes! Or the diary! I never seem to find vintage Elvis stuff when I'm out and about. Maybe someday.
The tour ends in the meditation garden, and Elvis' grave. The song "If I Can Dream" plays over your head phones and I might have gotten a little teary. I really love Elvis. His music, his movies, and his cute face! For real, all the Elvis images were driving me crazy! Here he is, singing that song on the '68 Special, which has come to be known as the comeback special.

So amazing! I wish I could have been around to see him perform.


  1. Oh wow that is too cool. I would love to see Grace Land. Those peacock doors are amazing. Elvis clearly had the greatest decorating taste ever

    urban hounds

  2. I love all the pictures you took! I've been there I think four times total-- this post just reminds me I need to go back again! The jungle room. Enough said. It IS funny how the place is less palatial than you'd think, living in an age of MTV Cribs where people have bedrooms the size of the house I live in, but something about that makes it feel more like a home, like somewhere people would actually live. I am now wondering if the upstairs is still furnished or if they just use it as an attic-type space.

  3. I have never been to graceland, but over the years have seen tons of pictures and everytime I see the TCB/monkey TV room. I have the urge to go lounge on that blue sectional and watch my stories. I cannot decide whose home I would like to wander more Liberace's or Elvis. Both seemed to have a thing for poodles.

    1. Oh my gosh, you're gonna watch your stories!
      Hearin that makes me all fuzzy for my Aunt Alice ;)

    2. i would love to see Liberace's house too!

  4. I'm not a big Elvis fan, but have always wanted to see Graceland! Your pictures were absolutely wonderful! And come to think of it, I haven't seen a whole lot of Elvis stuff in my area of NC either. I think it's one of those things that Elvis collectors horde all the good stuff.

  5. I may never see Graceland and this was so nice to be able to "walk" through with you :)
    I may have also squelched a tiny squeal when the image of that bear in the chair rolled up..... why is that bear my favorite thing in your Graceland tour? I really, really enjoyed this post!

    1. i know how you feel, i just can't resist an old stuffed animal, especially a well loved one. haha.

  6. I went to Graceland 5 years ago when I did a brief trip around America. Out of all the things I did, Graceland was one of my absolute favourite days. There's just something about that place. I got so carried away I spent a fortune on novelty Elvis items - no regrets though - I'll probably never get to go again.

  7. Maybe I am sick.....but do they show "The Toilet"?

  8. Swoooon! One day I'm going to make a trip out there. That place is beautiful! And that bathroom! Oh wow, it has you written all over it. :-)


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