Friday, December 27, 2013

Our Christmas Day

We spent the night at Travis' parent's house in Thompsons Station on Christmas Eve. The pugs got to come with, which was awesome. Travis' brother was there with his family and since the only little kid in the family is only 5 months old we got to sleep in until about 9. Perfect!
I love these house slippers!
Phyllis in her new bed with the gift she got from her grandparents.
It was Ellis' first Christmas! He wasn't quite sure what to make of his gifts from Santa.
I love Travis' stocking. It was made by his grandmother and is so sweet.
Travis did pretty great with my gifts! Some books I'd been wanting, some new blu rays for our new player (including great gatsby! yes!), the new Beyonce album, some nail polish, etc etc.
And these amazing vans! That color!
Ellis was a pro at opening presents. He just needs to learn that there is more to the presents than putting the paper in your mouth.
Phyllis unfazed by the growing pile of wrapping paper.
Ellis made us these ornaments, and I can't believe how cute they are! Look at that little hand print! It kind of makes me want to try making one with the pugs paw prints. We'll treasure this guy forever.
We had a big Christmas brunch and Travis made most of the food for us. Here he is frying some vegan sausage. He made the most amazing tofu scramble and pumpkin spice pancakes too.
Yum! I kind of want some more of that scramble with black beans right now!
It was pretty special to get to spend the day with our nephew for his first Christmas.
And of course I took a million photos of MY little babies, Phyllis and Priscilla. They had a great day with a special breakfast, and lots of treats, and new little toys to destroy.
Always wanting to be in someone's lap.
Hope you had a wonderful day! I've got a couple days of work left, then I took a little time off for the new year. I can't wait!!!


  1. What a wonderful Christmas! I love to see those puggy faces!

  2. we definitely think alike, I am reading red shirts right now. my father in law gave it to me

    retro rover

  3. so sweet. Newman and ANdre got dog beds for Christmas too...only they got them about a month ago. They are obsessed! Dogs are weird and they have never had dog beds so I didn't think they would even know what to do with them. They figured it out right away!

  4. That hand print ornament is adorable! It would be so cute to try that with a pug paw. And your new Vans are the color of turquoise Pyrex...that's delightful!

  5. I love your slippers and those Vans! Also, that baby is especially cute.


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