Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Top Ten Finds of 2013!

Like I said, I didn't do nearly as much second hand shopping this year as I did in 2012, but when going through my blog for my review post I couldn't help but notice all the amazing stuff I picked up! So here are my top ten finds of the year!
I brought home an AMAZING mound of vintage Christmas from one estate sale, and this pile of elves was my favorite part.
I went to a sale featuring a doctor's life long medical collection last February and brought home this cool jars. I wish I could have brought home the human skeleton they had!
A sheet of 1950's stick on tattoos from the world's longest yard sale!
Travis got me this JFK salt and pepper set from ebay since he knew I really wanted it for my collection! (dang i need to update that post!)
I found this deer lamp at the world's longest yard sale! She now lives on my bedside table. It is the best lamp ever! Except for...
This poodle lamp!! I'm still in love with this lamp that we bought at a botique in town that usually too overpriced, but somehow this jewel had a low price tag.
The knitting basket that got away at an antique mall in Gatlinburg, only to be found again at the Nashville flea. And that monkey!
My sweet MJ pocket knife found by Travis.
This was a year of taxidermy, with this fox head from 1970 being my favorite probably.
And of course I added HUNDREDS of photos to my collection. I grabbed a few favorites and didn't realize they were all military themed until I was building this post!

And the one that got away. I really wish we would have just gone for it and bought one of these. It could have been a centerpiece in our home! Oh well.
Here's to another year of digging through musty boxes and bringing home a bag of amazing stuff for a few bucks! I've seen a few other top finds posts going around, link me if you made one!
I'm off to a karaoke new years party! I can't wait! I hope you have a great and safe night out! See you in 2014!


  1. Happy new year! Wishing you the best in 2014.

  2. I really like tha tpicture of the sailor and the dog

    retro rover

  3. Here's to another great year of thrifty vintage finds!! I can only imagine how excited you were to find all those knee huggers that day! Lucky!!

  4. The jars, and the lamp, and the pile o' Christmas... ok, it's all great! Except for the taxidermy, that honestly freaks me out a bit! ; )
    Happy New Year Rae!


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