Saturday, January 18, 2014


We've been going to the movies like crazy lately! It is one of our favorite things to do, and with a combination of bargain matinee prices (I love that Carmike charges just 5 bucks between 4 and 5:30!) and a bunch of movie gift cards we got for Christmas we've been able to really indulge! Here is what we've seen in the past few weeks:
Bettie Page Reveals All: This is a documentary about the queen of pin ups, narrated by Bettie herself! I LOVED it! She was so beautiful and had such a strange life. Though you wait the WHOLE movie to see a photo of her from when they recorded the interviews, and  the movie ends with a quote saying she wanted people to remember her as she was. Ah! But still, definitely recommended!
Anchorman 2: I like the first one a lot, this one was just ok. A few really funny parts, but overall bleh. We saw it in a pretty full theater and most of the other people seemed to agree. Such a bummer.
her: I saw this the other day by myself because I knew Travis wouldn't be into it. I loved it! The world Spike Jonze creates is really beautiful, and the story is so unique. And there is something oddly alluring about Joaquin Phoenix with that dad mustache and high wasted pants. I got a few good cries in, which I love in a movie.
Inside Llewyn Davis: Another beautiful movie to watch, with great music and performances.  I had to read some reviews of it after I got home because I left the theater feeling a little confused, which isn't always a bad thing. Great story telling and characters, just what you expect with the Cohen brothers.
The Wolf of Wall Street: I didn't expect to LOVE this movie as much as I did! It isn't one I want to watch over and over, but it was really great. Leonardo DiCaprio really should get that dang Oscar this year. I didn't find this film to be as shocking as a lot of people seem to (maybe I'm on tumblr too much, haha).
The Secret Life of Walter Mitty: We both enjoyed this one.  It is beautifully shot, especially the parts in Iceland. I thought Ben Stiller was surprisingly good in it as well. It isn't as dreamy and surreal as the pr makes it look, but it was still worth the price of admission.
12 Years a Slave: Really well done, and shocking, and sad. I had never heard much about free men from the north being kidnapped and sold into slavery. The lead actor, Chiwetel Ejiofor, is really amazing, and so was Michael Fastbender. Another one I don't really want to see again, but it was poweful.
The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug: I am a total middle earth nerd (surprised? probably not) and even though the first Hobbit was ok, I was excited for this one. It is MUCH better! Lots of good action and amazing effects! I haven't read the book in years so I don't get upset about these movies adding stuff. The barrel fight scene was probably my favorite part, and the effects for Smaug were SO INCREDIBLE! I can't wait for the last one!
Saving Mr. Banks: The storytelling of this is a little clunky, and the backstory part in Austrailia never really comes together, but I really liked this movie over all. Of course I'm super into the time period and loved all the scenes in the writing room and with Emma Thompson. Jason Schwartzman and BJ Novak as the Sherman brothers were probably my favorite part. Wouldn't you love to see a spin off of about them and their lives!
Now we're going into the time of year that nothing great comes out for a while. the only things we're looking forward to are the new Jack Ryan movie (Travis likes action movies, I like Chris Pine's handsome face!) and Travis can't wait for The Monuments Men. I think that one looks pretty good too! I also might try to catch American Hustle before it's out of the theaters. We'll see. Have you seen anything good lately?


  1. I love it! You need to preview AND review all movies for me; I love going to the movies but it takes a lot to get me to the theater. I agree with your review of Saving Mr. Banks; everyone I know wanted so much more of the writer's room!!! The only other movie I've seen lately is Philomena. It was great and to me, Judi Dench is an absolute treasure!

    1. haha, i don' t know how good I would be, I feel like I love everything! i'm not hard to please if i get to go to the movies and eat popcorn and dots!
      i haven't seen Philomena, I'll have to see if I can catch it here!

  2. Wow that is a lot of movies! We hardly ever go. In NJ near NYC where we live every show is at least 12 bucks. We did see Desolation of Smaug of course, did you notice the pugs glimpsed briefly in one scene. I think I shouted pugs in the theatre. That Bettie Page documentary also looks very cool, and I agree about Chris Pine, though my favorite Kirk will always be William Shatner

    retro rover

    1. yeah, we went at night a few months ago to see Monsters U and were shocked when it was 25 bucks for two tickets! the bargin matinees are where its at!
      and YES i saw the pugs in Smaug! i gasped! and everyone i know who has seen it says it made them think of me! i kept hoping they would show up again! i love that there are cute fat pugs in middle earth!
      i'm making my way through the original series and I definitely get the shatner kirk thing now. he was so handsome and charming then! i'm trying to watch it slowly and make it last, but sometimes i can't resist 3 or 4 episodes in a row!

  3. Oh wow, look at all the movies you've seen lately. I really want to see 'her', been hearing so much good stuff, but i kinda wanted to see it when i first saw the trailer anyways. Ugh, but we have to wait a bit. '12 years of slave' is another one i really want to see but its not playing in our theatre, but i might somewhere else in toronto.

  4. oh thanks for this list! Most of these movies I am hoping to see! I loved the second anchorman, but obviously the original was the best. Hoping to see the walter mitty one next or the mr banks...but now I cant decide!!

  5. We love the movies too - we went to two on New Year's Eve day - Saving Mr Banks and American, liked them both but our fave was The Wolf of Wall Street, which we had seen earlier in the week, saw The Hobbit movie too. Gotta love those movie gift cards! But, we need to see a few more.....

  6. So glad you saw Her!! We loved it so much and seriously the colors in it were gorgeous. I wanna eyed top every screenshot in photoshop!! I also found him so oddly sexy and I wanna buy Jamie all of those outfits he wore

  7. Thanks for the reviews, been trying to get out to more movies lately. I've seen some of these, ready to watch "her" next!

  8. I heard the LLewyn Davis one was really good, can't wait to see it. And I have to agree about the Wolf of Wallstreet, it was WAY funnier and more interesting than I was expecting. And Jonah Hill's teeth!! hahaha


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