Monday, July 28, 2014

Florida Road Trip 2014: A Stop in Savannah!

Did you guys miss me? I didn't mean to be gone from the blog for two weeks! But I'm back and I have a ton to share with you! We just got back yesterday from an amazing 10 day vacation down to Florida and back! We went with our best friends, Crystal and Marc. I'm so happy I have some friends I can spend that much time with happily. They are like my family.
Here we are on our way down! We started our vacation in St. Augustine, Florida, by way of Savannah, Georgia. It's about 9 and a half hours from Nashville. Savannah is a fun place to stop to break up the drive.
 We also had to make a quick stop at Cashew in Chattanooga for vegan donuts (and a brownie). They are so good! I wish there was a place to get vegan donuts in Nashville.
We entertained ourselves on the long drive with Mad Libs. Hilarious almost every time! There was also a LOT of singing. From Crystal and I at least.
 Our first stop once we got to Savannah was a place called The coffee fox for soy chai lattes and vegan brownies. Yum!
 Then we went to a store called Paris Market. I was trying out a new site this vacation, Atlas Obscura. IT recommended this as an oddities shop. Which is wasn't really, but it was still really cool!
Look at how beautiful! It was a mix of a cafe, vintage shop, and specialty store. They had so much neat stuff! Like that big white deer!
There were lots of inspiring displays. I loved how they used the skulls and vintage photos in the bell jars. I might have to steal that idea for my house.
Across the street was this perfect photo op.
 On our way to our next destination we saw this little buddy driving along! 
 Our next stop was to check out Graveface Records and Curiosities. Can you see a theme developing?
 I was tempted by lots of things in this stop (I was thisclose to bringing home a vintage taxidermy armadillo) but I was trying to hold out on the souvenir front.
 Travis' favorite part was probably the free arcade games! Crystal bought a funny rolly eyeball here. 
 Savannah is a beautiful city. Lots of huge trees dripping with spanish moss and old houses lining every street. This was one of our favorites.
Before getting back on the road we stopped by Carlitos for mexican food. I had read they had an entire separate menu for vegetarians/vegans. Woo! I've mentioned it before, but Happy Cow is an invaluable resource for traveling herbivores.
 Travis and I both got spicy tofu tacos, and they were good! So spicy they made my nose run! 
After lunch we continued on to St. Augustine. It was the perfect little stop! The only thing we didn't get to do was tour one of the historic cemeteries. Next time!


  1. I seriously am jealous!!! And if Jamie saw graveface records, he'd be in savannah tomorrow

  2. No one ever wants to play madlibs with me!

  3. i'm heading to savannah in like two weeks, any tips on what to do while i'm there?

  4. Savannah is on my bucket list! I did miss you in blogland, but watched your antics on IG. Looked like a great trip!

  5. It was fun watching your trip on Instagram, what a trip you had!!

  6. I swear we have tried to find Mad-Libs for like four different road trips, and we can never find them anywhere! I'm sure they are easy to find online but we never think about it till the last minute.

    I really need to go to Savannah some day. It's only about 4 hours from here, and Josh has been talking about going as long as I've known him, but we've just never done it.

    I can't wait to see the rest of your trip. It looked like so much fun on IG.

  7. I have been to Savannah several times, but these places are all new to me. Nice finds

  8. They usually have mad libs at cracker barrel, and always at book stores!


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