Wednesday, January 28, 2015

New Tattoo: I woke up like this

My friend Eli is a tattoo artist (he did my Spock tattoo, and my Swiss Chalet cuckoo clock tattoo) and he recently posted a photo  on his instagram of a tattoo he had drawn for someone who didn't show up for the appointment. I instantly fell in love with it and picked a day to go in,  but then I had a hard time deciding what I wanted it to say in the heart. I tossed lots of stuff around from "Phyllis and Priscilla" to " Duh" to "Be My Baby" as a tribute the Ronettes, etc. But I finally landed on this:
One, because I love Beyonce and that song is one of my favorites (you can see the video here) and two as a kind of self love reminder to myself. I've struggled with self acceptance for a long time, and though I have made some real strides in the last few years, I always need a reminder to be kind to myself.
I really love how this piece turned out. I probably wouldn't have picked that yellow color but he suggested it and it looks so good! Over the years I've learned it's best to find an artist who you trust, give them a basic idea, and let them make something beautiful for you instead of having ever single detail picked out before you go in.
It is kind of hard to tell in that photo but it is pretty big, and under the knee on my left leg. You can see it better here:
Dang! Now that leg looks a little busy (my big Audrey 2 piece is on that thigh) so I'll have to get something big on the other side to balance it out. If you are in the area check Eli out! He works at Safe House Tattoo and is really talented and fun to talk to. We actually talked a little too much and he had to bump the girls who were coming in after me. To get, you won't believe this, flawless tattoos! Isn't that crazy!
I have been a little nervous about getting my shins done but it wasn't bad at all! I can't wait to get something on the other one.
Here is the original drawing if you are curious. I think it was meant to be mine!


  1. Love this! So amazing. xo

  2. I like your tattoo, it's extremely unique

  3. Self love is so important. Love this!

  4. I really like that. It's so funny that the original text was "Let it happen"

  5. I love your new tattoo and that it serves as a good reminder! You are super adorable and I may have had a tiny bit of a fangirl moment when you left me a blog comment, because you are so one of those people I would love to hang out with!


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