Monday, January 19, 2015

Rare Bird Antiques

The Rare Bird in Goodlettsville is one of my favorite sources for vintage in my area. It is about 15 minutes north of town, but worth the short drive. There are lots of hip vintage shops popping up in town, but I still prefer malls like this. The prices are usually so much better!
One thing I really love about Rare Bird is the HUGE selection of dead stock stuff and old packaging. They have tons in every category you can imagine.
 A whole shelf of antique soap and detergent products! So cool.
I love that Monkey Jungle sticker. It looks like it is still open, but they don't have chimps playing guitars or riding bikes anymore.
I was hoping to find some vintage Christmas on clearance but there was almost none. I was tempted by this little stocking but it was stained and priced a little high.
 I would love to have this concrete poodle to sit by my back door.
 Travis found this Victorian monkey fur capelet! So cool! And kinda gross. And nearly $200.
 Love that Panda with the google eyes.
 The packaging on the parakeet food was killing me. It is all so cute!
 Here is what we brought home. Two cactus glasses to replace the two of mine that Travis broke.
 A silly little skunk I couldn't resist for 75 cents and a funny little honeycomb ornament.
 And a few vintage photos for my collection. I especially like the chihuahua lounging in the back yard.

Rare Bird Antique Mall
212 South Main St., Goodlettsville, TN 37072


  1. Those Easter Bunnies are killing me; I'm trying desperately not to start any new collections, but now I'm thinking I need Easter stuff! I am a sucker for monkey fur - so wild and creepy-cool!

  2. Love Rare Bird! It's been awhile since I've been out there...all that deadstock stuff is so cool; I wonder where they get it all?

  3. I love that old packaging, cool spot!

  4. I love that kitchen clock made out of utensils You go to such cool places. Wish there was something like that here


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