Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Funtown Mountain: Jewel of Cave City

One of the activities at the "Grand Awesoming" was hitting each other with fun-noodles while wearing vintage mascot heads. My kind of a game! Marc and I picked heads and went at it. I'm not sure who won...
Another star attraction was the Haunted Hotel! I'm a total scaredy baby but I knew I had to do it.
You are greeted by Charmin' Charlie playing his organ. Then you push through the front door into pitch blackness and tight hallways. AHHHH!
It was so scary! But fun scary. It was mostly lights coming on to show a plastic skeleton, or a gross rubber corpse. We screamed so loud! I kind of loved it/hated it.
Cute details everywhere.
Lebowski van in the parking lot. I have the "I can get you a toe" one on my car.
It was such a fun day. I wish we could have stayed for the outdoor viewing of Pee Wee's Big Adventure, but we had to get back to Nashville to see Miss Fame perform at Play. More about that later.
Since we were in town I wanted to show Crystal and Marc some of my favorite haunts. I really wanted to do the Mystery House but we missed the last tour by a few minutes! Dang!
These old stickers are the best thing in the shop, believe me!
At least we got to pose with Big Mo. Such a cutie! And the same species as the star of the new Jurassic World! Did you see it yet? I LOVED it!
His tooth came off!
And of course we had to stop by the teepees. I want to stay there again! I'm hoping later this summer we can do one of the outdoor movies at Funtown then stay here. Perfect weekend!
I love you Cave City!


  1. Ok. I definitely need to go to Louisville now. I have never been. I also want to eat at Tom and Chee really bad and I know they have one there. I gotta get my head in that filthy bald eagle!

  2. ...also Crystal's scared face is priceless!

  3. Awesome! I was there like a week later.

  4. I have some of those Mammoth Cave stickers. I went when I was in my teens and loved it!


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