Tuesday, June 23, 2015

My First Scooter Rally

Travis loves riding his scooter and hanging out with the guys in his scooter club. He has been to several scooter rallies but they are always out of town and I haven't tagged along yet. Recently his club, The Snakes, put on their yearly rally, the Blue vs. Gray (a civil war reference of course, this is the south, haha!) There were several days of events, but i just came out for the gymkhana portion.
That means they do different races and games, and mostly just hung out and looked at each other's scooters. There were lots of cute scooters to look at! I loved this blue one.
Here is Travis lined up for the "vintage race." Which means you push your bike, since vintage bikes already break down. He is the one on the red scooter with the blue hat on.
The race got interrupted by a hay ride. We were at the Jellystone campground. Look at the bear!
Here he is coming around the bend! Look at that green scooter to the right. I loved it with its matching little trailer! I wish I had gotten a photo of it straight on.
Here they are seeing how many people can be on one scooter. I think the winning team had seven?
It was pretty funny! I would be scared, even though they were going really really slow.
My favorite event was the slow race. You see who can go slowest without your feet touching. It is pretty funny to watch. Here they are lining up.
This guy is in the Snakes too. I love their back patches!
It was SO HOT but I had a good time looking at all the scooters. Travis was in hog heaven! Bonus my friend Brett was there with his dad who restores vintage scooters! We hung out together most of the time.
Here is the ole Stella. We are saving up right now to buy a second car so Travis doesn't have to use this as his main transportation anymore, but it will always have a special place in our hearts.


  1. Scooters are so much fun. Mary has one that I occasionally take for a little spin (it's even popped up on the blog a time or two). She has a motorcycle too and I'm hoping I get the scooter as a hand-me-down/up. The slow race is just my speed; I'd love to see that!

    1. i haven't driven travis', I need too! We just have one helmet so I haven't even really gone on a ride. it is so cute!

  2. Haha, Josh and my cousins used to have slow races on their scooters. They say it's really hard. The vintage scooter's are so cute. I wish Josh's was vintage and not a stupid new(er) one haha.

    1. i love that Travis' looks vintage, but is a 2004 so it doesn't break down as much. I like how the old ones look so much better too!


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