Sunday, September 13, 2015

Estate Sale Report!

It has been a LONG time since I went to an estate sale. 6 months in fact. I don't even look at the ads anymore because I want to get through our house clean out (slow and steady) before I start bringing home more stuff. But a friend sent me a message telling me about an amazing sale in town that I couldn't miss. The ad led with the fact that the home owners had owned a vintage store in California and the pictures were very enticing, so Travis and I headed there on Saturday. It was the last day of the sale, but there was TONS of stuff left.
Now I DID take lots of pictures of this cool house. But I didn't notice until the end that I had left the SD card for my camera at home. *Womp womp* I put a few cell phone photos at the bottom of this post, but here is what we brought home!
You wouldn't believe the yard art they had at this house! I only got that owl and the skunk, but I wanted so much more. I always pick up those wall squirrels if they are a descent price. I have a bunch hanging in my craft room. I love the style.
Some picks from the 50 cent kid's jewelry table! Miss Piggy roller skating was a must. And how could I leave behind that MJ glove!?
There was a shed full of cool little toys. That bagpipe player is a coin purse!
Pom pom fox with sleepy eyes? He's coming home with me!
Travis found a whole bag of starburst silverware. We're going to replace some of our plain stuff with these cuties.
Christmas crafting supplies. I have a few plans for this holiday season. Hopefully I'll get to them.
I Love a kitchen witch! They are so weird and kind of ugly but still cute.
I didn't notice until we got home that she is a magnet! Perfect.
And these barrettes! There were three packages and I convinced myself I didn't need them all. My best friend went to the sale later and she bought the other package! Perfect!
I wanted these deer. Really bad! But we have a set like this already. They were only $45 for the pair. A pretty great deal.
Display cases full of toys!
There was a lot left in the house. I wonder if they will extend the sale. The prices were pretty high on lots of things. I bet if they did 75% off they would clear out a lot more of the house.
I'm regretting not getting this big concrete dog. He was $11 and about waist high. Travis wasn't into him though.
We did get a plastic swan though! I replaced the one I bought at goodwill years ago. It was in really bad shape and the head snapped off when I picked it up! Travis got that brown vest too.
It was really fun going to that sale. I miss them. Maybe I'll be back in 2016, and I'll be able to resist buying every single thing I like.

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  1. I went to that sale on Thursday...I got some good stuff but they had the glassware priced really high. The house was so jam-packed that I could tell that there was a lot of good stuff that I couldn't even get to. I saw those deer and thought, "Rae needs to come get those!" But $45 is kind of a lot.


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