Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Last PNW Post: Carnival Bars and Japanese Shopping Sprees

Can you believe it? I'm finally doing the last post about our vacation from this fall. I'm so glad we were able to finally visit the Pacific Northwest. I can't wait to go back!
After the museum we went to dinner at a vegan restaurant that everyone in town recommended to us. It was really mediocre and expensive, so we'll just pretend it never happened. After dinner we went to this bar called the Unicorn. It was carnival themed!

It was so cool inside! This was another photobooth.net find. 
I got a delicious drink (it was called a Unicorn Jizz) and some quinoa balls. Travis wasn't into them but I LOVED them! They were kinda spicy and all kinds of yummy. Like tater tots.
Can you imagine my shock and despair when I saw that they do a drag production of Little Shop of Horrors here? The next afternoon, right about the time our flight left for Nashville. Two of my favorite things combined! Argh!
We got a strip of photos in their booth, is the third from the left here. These are all our strips from this trip. There are SO many booths in the PNW!
As we were going downstairs we passed this guy. He is traveling around doing portraits for tips. We thought what the heck and gave him all the cash we had left (about 10 bucks).
And he drew this portrait of us! I LOVE IT!! So much. I tried to find him online but can't find a trace. If you come across him in your travels, get him to do a portrait of you (If you like weird stuff, haha).
We left the bar and walked to our car. All the cross walks in the area were rainbow striped! Cool!
Next we made our way to Uwajimaya Village. We had been in a Daiso earlier (a Japanese dollar store) and when I was trying to find it, I saw mention of this place in a bunch of reviews. I'm crazy for Japanese stuff so I figured it was worth a trip. The grocery store part was so cute!
Look at that precious sake!
When we got to the bookstore portion I went crazy! It was big and full of cute Japanese stuff from stationary to toys to books to plush! It was really hard to decide what to get!
Ah! Pusheen!
Sonny Angels!
Gudetama! (He is my favorite Sanrio character right now. A lazy egg. He is so cute!)
Look at that HUGE Pusheen! It was $399!
They had tons of Studio Ghibli stuff. I was tempted by those Totoro coin purses, and the Jiji plush in the back!
They had so much Rilakuma stuff too. It was heavenly!
Here is the stuff I bought there. About half was gifts for Crystal. But a lot was for me. I can't find that Pusheen pencil pouch though! I know I didn't leave it in the yurt, but can't find where I stashed it.
We went back to the yurt and fell asleep under the star lanterns. It even rained that night, which sounded awesome beating against the sides of the yurt. I can't wait to stay in another one!
The next morning we got up early to drive back to Portland for our flight back to Nashville. All week I had been full of regret that we didn't get clay portraits while we were at the Portland Saturday Market. Travis suggested we get into town early enough, and see if we could make it work. So we got to the market moments after it opened. It was raining (The first rainy day of our whole trip!) so there were barely any people walking around.
I think this is such a cool idea! You sit there and the potter makes a portrait of you in about 15 minute! He did Travis and I as gnomes. Me holding a camera, Travis holding a pocket knife.
Look at how cute they are! What a fun souvenir! We left them with him so they could be fired and booked it to the airport. We made one last stop for pastries and sandwiches at Sweetpea Bakery and maybe cut it a little close at the airport, but I needed that strudel!
Here is our plane flying over the Rocky Mountains. We had an amazing trip. I'm so glad we were able to go, and I can't wait to go back.


  1. I think this is one of my favorites from your trip mostly for this sentence: "can't find that Pusheen pencil pouch though! I know I didn't leave it in the yurt, "

  2. Your vacation looks amazing I would want to shop/drink/eat/see all of those places!

  3. Those little gnomes are amazing! How cool!

  4. everything in this post is great, I adore everything Japanese, but my favorite is that car wash sign
    retro rover

  5. Replies
    1. i really hope to in the coming year! i wish it was close enough to drive too

  6. The ugly portrait of you two is soooo good. Glad you had fun around Capitol Hill and at Uwajimaya. Oh man. I miss so many things about Seattle, the many photobooths for sure. I'm visiting my Seattle peeps in November for Short Run (free mini comics fest). If there's any chance you're back in the PNW at the same time, holla!

  7. How was that all you bought from the Japanese store?! You have some serious restraint!! Have you seen the new Pusheen plush blind boxes? They look super cute. By the way, I am catching up on blogs after months of not reading any, so excuse the pending butt load of comments!

    1. the only reason is because it was day nine of our trip and we had already spent so much money! haha.
      and i have NOT seen the blind boxes, I'm looking them up NOW!


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