Wednesday, March 30, 2016

The Most Awesome Cabin!

My friend Aubrey found the cabin that we stayed in our our friend trip to the Smokey Mountains. It was AMAZING. Most cabins in that area are fun in a lame way, lots of black bear art and heart shaped tubs. This place was legitimately cool. Here are a ton of photos of it!
Here is the approach from the driveway. It is in Sevierville and on a man made lake. If you are there in the summer there is a private dock that you could swim off of. I'm dying to go back!
There was a big center room with several couches and a tv. I never got a great photo, but attached to either end of this room were two 100 year old cabins they had brought there and used as the bedrooms. Amazing.
There were beautiful stained glass windows in random walls and cool art and antiques everywhere.
This totem pole was in front of a shop the owners of this house built in Gatlinburg. I wish I had looked up the year. It was the 50's maybe? They apparently had lots of businesses in town. The only one still standing is the space needle.
Here is a photo of them with one of their shops, Nuts to You! The Native American man standing there is a Cherokee and carved the totem pole for them.
The tv was tuned to CNN for primary results the whole time we were there. No one minded. 
Big amazing kitchen. I love the drainboards on the sides of the sink. And that big island with seating around. We spent lots of time cooking and playing games in here.
This doll was in the house and we moved her around to scare each other. 
We got to the cabin late at night and there were no lights one. It was SCARY to walk through with just your phone flashlight and see things like spinning wheels and scythes. Ah! It was much cuter by the light of day.
This is the room Travis and I stayed in. 
Look at that window!
There were three claw foot tubs in the house and one in our room! i never ended up using it though. The hot tub was just so tempting!
Peanut Butter Bars and Chicko Stiks not included. Those were a gift for Travis, haha!
Another bedroom. I love that quilt!
That room was "school themed". 
I LOVE this pastel portrait. I want one of me and Travis.
There was a loft that was SO SCARY at night. We hid up there from Travis, Kimmie and Jamie since they arrived after we did. During the day it was cute. When I was a kid I would have LOVED to stay there.
In addition to the five bedrooms there was this sleeping porch! It was all screened in and would be amazing in the spring or summer. I want to take a nap out there!
 I liked this bedside table.
The back porch had this outside kitchen and a grill! The deck was big, overlooked the lake and had the hot tub and an outside shower.
You can kind of see the lake here. I'm toasting it with my Redd's. Those are so good!
Oh did I mention the lake was totally dry? Haha, I guess they drain it in the winter. But how great would it be in the summer!
Last but not least, look at this little poodle outside. I love this place! 


  1. This cabin is like my ultimate dream home the totem pole the poodle and most of all the pastel portrait

    retro r over

  2. Definitely an awesome cabin! (I also want my own pastel family portrait!)


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