Friday, November 27, 2009

Our Little Cottage

we went by our house today to see the sold sign! because we are dorks. so here are some pictures of the outside of my house. i can't wait until next week when we finally get the keys!

the house on the left is close, but there is a decent amount of space to the right. the tree at the end of the drive way was so beautiful with its fall foliage. i can't wait to see it again next year.
check out those cute shutters! they work too! we could close them if we wanted. i don't know why we would though. i thought i didn't like brick, but i love this brick. i love the color of it.
travis was ringing the door bell. it's an old one that is actually a bell, not an electric one. it has a really great tone.
little window! i love the red front door. and there is a cute tiny rolling shade on that little window.
old doorknobs! all the doorknobs in the house are the same style, but with old glass knobs. i love them!
heart railing on the front porch.
awnings!! we are going to take one of them in back because it blocks the sun in our back room. but the rest are staying. because i love them.
the lady who lived here, frances, only ever went to the beach when she went on vacation. and always brought back shells and put them in this barrel. so sweet.
gate to our fenced back yard. those bushes make the backyard pretty private. and have cute little berries on them. for some reason i never took a picture of the whole backyard. it's fenced and a decent size. pretty excited about that.

scary storm cellar! with breathing pipe. travis wants to tear it up. my dad wants us too. but i think it is awesome and scary!

back patio! the sun has faded the paint in the back. it used to be a dark red like the brick, now it's just pink. that back door goes into the room that is going to be our bedroom. perfect for letting puppies out to pee in the morning.

our stone grill! it's really neat, it has metal pipes that go up from the middle so you can warm beans or something on the sides. and big logs around for people to sit on.
cute neighbor dog! she looks part pit bull. she wagged her tail at us the whole time we were in the back yard.

i can't wait to move!!!!

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