Thursday, December 31, 2009

Painting our new house!

we started painting yesterday. it was much harder work than i expected! and much more expensive! it was fun though, ryan and thomas and dana were all here to help out.

we did dana's room!

it's "dylan velvet." so sexy. haha.

and we started on the kitchen/hallway. it's the same blue in both rooms. but the different lights make it look different. hmmmph.

so the kitchen will be blue with white cabinets/trim, and with red accessories. so cute.

ALSO our heat is now working!!!! when they turned it on, it was 49 degrees in the house! now it's 68 and i couldn't be happier. i slept so well last night.

and in shameful news. travis shaved his beard only halfway through whiskerino. and sadly, it is my fault. i tied to hide it but i hated that thing. i'm so so so glad it's gone.

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  1. I know this is random, but we're friends on LJ and I've been following your blog here for a while too, but anyway ... I'm just getting to painting my house and I LOVEEEEEEEEEE your kitchen color. What color is it? It's the perfect blue I'm looking for!


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