Sunday, June 27, 2010

Feeding the Whole Family


i really want to start eating better. so i got this book. it's for getting your kids to eat healthy foods. and i eat like a kid so i hope it works. we are going to try five new things per pay period.

and i thought, how can i make myself do it? i'll blog about it of course! i think that will motivate me. this week i actually bought fresh vegetables (i only ever by potatoes and onions) and i didn't by cookies or ice cream. when i want a snack i'm forcing myself to eat celery and almond butter, or carrots and hummus. so we'll see how it goes.

this morning we had millet for breakfast.


i cooked it with apple juice and a fresh peach. it was pretty good. next time i'll put more peaches in it. tomorrow we are going to have ancient grain cereal. hopefully it won't be terrible.


i bought some sunflowers for myself. they are on sale at work for half of what they normally cost so i thought, why not! they haven't fully opened up yet, so hopefully they will last a long time!


and look what dana brought me from knoxville!!!! i LOVE pennsylvania dutch hex signs and this is the best one i've ever seen!!!!! i can't decide where to hang it. it's so awesome i want to look at it all the time.

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