Saturday, June 25, 2011

One of my favorite finds!

I made it about two weeks with my thrifting/estate sale ban. i still have a lot of de cluttering today, but travis took a load of stuff to goodwill today so i have definitely been making progress. this is a find i had before the ban though, i can't believe it took me so long to take a picture of it!

i was at an estate sale finding not really anything that excited me. i think i just has a ceramic unicorn in my hand and was making a final pass when i saw that box next to the fridge. i have been wanting an aluminum tree for years but the cheapest one i've seen was 159 bucks. this one was marked 25. i took it up to pay and the lady was like "i can't go down on that price, i could get that much on ebay..." but i was willing to pay that!
i left it in the box for weeks. scared that it was going to be really incomplete or in really bad shape when i finally took it out.

it's so awesome! and I think all the pieces were there! look at the mercury balls on the ends of the branches! i tried to find one like it online but could only find one without the balls (not that i searched too hard. i'm a lazy googler) i can't wait to put this baby out at christmas! now i just need a color wheel.
THEN today Eartha Kitsch posted about a free pink toilet in nashville. not that long ago i was commenting to her that i would love to have a pink bathroom and she called me out to go get the toilet and start it! so travis, being the sweet husband that he is immediately got into the car and got it for me.

look at the beauty! and speaking of what a sweet heart travis is...

he posed in the dog sling i got at tj maxx. i was there on an errand for work and couldn't resist this thing. phyllis and priscilla are both disabled so they can't go on long walks. our walks usually end with one of them in my arms, and they are a little to heavy to carry for long.

she likes it! she will ride around while i do chores around the house. so adorable.


  1. That is the most precious thing ever. The dog sling, I mean-not the toilet.

  2. So loving the Christmas tree! I love anything vintage and if it's Christmas even more so. What a sweetie your Travis is. The doggie sling is the cutest thing ever.

  3. so jealous of your pink toilet and the fact that you can carry your doggies in a doggie purse. Newman would NEVER sit still for that. He won't wear clothes either...he is a poor excuse for a dog.

  4. Great post! Love the doggie sling. My little furry baby just had all her teeth pulled so I'd love to be able to carry her close while she's recovering. Poor thing. That toilet seriously cracks me up and I'm super jealous of the tree! Score!

  5. Wow, pink toilet and doggie sling -- he is a keeper! LOL -- I am green with envy over your silver tree. Esp. since I tossed the one my parents had, back in the 80s, before I got taste...!

  6. We had a pug for years. Despite the snoring, snorting & shedding, we adored him.

  7. that tree. omg. that dog sling thing. omg.

  8. Yay! I'm so glad that you got the toilet! I know that not everyone understands but it's a good thing. :) It looks like it might be the same color as ours so when you get to the installation stage one day, they sell matching seats on Amazon.

    And that Christmas tree - "The Sparkler" - love it! I also love that you can carry your pups around while you're doing house chores. I've always wanted a baby carrier on my back for my one kitty that needs a lot of mama time.

  9. Ha..I got the perfect ceiling fan and countertop to go with that toliet..LOL


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