Monday, January 23, 2012

Almost like it was made for me

Here is my second to last post about the great vintage I got from Grandma Betty. Look at this gorgeous couple! I really love Bruce's hairstyle. Travis could probably wear his like that, his hair is curly too. 
I don't know how we missed this quilt the first time we went to Grandma Betty's house. Travis' mom said it was like someone made it just for me. If only it was big enough to put on my bed!
Here are my favorite squares: Cute boston!
Little red squirrel.
Sweet pink bunny.
I love the camel's fez!
Sweet baby bear drinking a bottle.


  1. That's incredible! It's like beautiful pop art mixed with folk art mixed with awesome. Must be sized for a baby. Would be pretty on a wall. Betty and Bruce made a beautiful couple. Did she make this?

  2. Wow, wow & wow! Is that a pink burro? Too cute.

  3. Amazing photos! And yes, definitely loving the hairstyles!

  4. Perfection! That is a beautiful quilt! I love the bold shapes and bright, solid colors.

  5. That. Quilt. is. SO AMAZING. Reminds me in style of Andy Warhol's Book of Cats! What great finds you've made.

  6. Love this quilt! And your blog! You seem to find & collect the greatest stuff!

  7. you need to hang that quilt on a wall or something! it's tooo perfect.

  8. Love the quilt!!! Yes, it needs to be up on a wall! :)

  9. Omg, that quilt is amazing! I'm in love.


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