Sunday, September 23, 2012

Estate Report!

I got to go to some estate sales on Thursday morning with Lisa and Eartha. I love knowing people who are totally willing to schlep across town early in the morning based on some blurry photos posted online. After a mix up in addresses/pictures that had the three of us charging through one house saying "But where is the COAT? The leopard coat?" we made it to the house we had meant to visit first. It was incredible. Probably one of the best houses I've gotten to go inside in all my days of estate sales. Eartha did a great post on it already, but I had to add my two cents and show you even more pictures of this house! I didn't think anyone would complain, hah!
See that lamp? I don't know if you can tell how amazing it is, but there was a pair, and they were already sold, and I am still heartbroken. I LOVED them. Especially paired with those end tables and that couch! This was the down stairs "rumpus room".
Some great chairs in the kitchen. At first I thought they were asking 195 for the whole set, but that turned out to be per chair. Dang! I wonder if they went home with someone. 
Did you think I was going to move out without mentioning that wallpaper? No way! It is SO PERFECT. I would love that in my craft room. Or my bedroom. Or every wall in my house.
Other than the kitchen, this was my favorite wall paper. I love the red and white roses, and the pretty light blue. Wouldn't it make a beautiful dress?
None of my pictures of this gorgeous paper caught the color correctly. I really love it. And I love the painted trim! I didn't notice it while we were there, but looking at the pictures I really love it. I feel like I haven't seen that in a house before! I really hope someone who will love how the house is already will buy it. Everything was so beautifully taken care of. I would move into that house tomorrow!
Here is the lovely Lisa and one of her amazing finds. The back of it was another cute creature. I can't remember what it was now, because the puggy fellow on the front was too distracting. Now I'm distracted by that magnolia paper in the background. I didn't get a picture of it though!
The second house would have been a gem any other day, but after the first sale it was 'meh'. I did love this fake wall of books in the "library". At first glance I thought it really was books.
No I did not buy this aqua vacuum. It was so cute though!
Another basement kitchen. I'll come back and show you what I DID end up with tomorrow!


  1. I am with you on those two wallpaper patterns being favorites - the roses and that kitchen wallpaper. Super crazy fun..I go to estate sales to buy vintage stuff, but also to see the houses and all the great details that made it through the years.

  2. What great pictures! Houses like that really are amazing...mainly because they remain as is with no changes, which is incredible to me. They're like a time capsule. Fun looking at those pics, thanks!

  3. I'd KILL for that rose wallpaper!!! Oh I hope that the new owners leave it alone! Thanks for sharing...can't wait to see what you came home with!
    Erica :)

  4. The estate sales you go to look like so much fun, wish we had those around here, I've been to one this summer which was really an estate sale!! I

    I'd tag along with you!! Hah!!

  5. SUPER-sad I missed this one...I wasn't on the Patterson email list and I guess I overlooked the Craiglist listing if there was one. It is very fun to see everyone's pictures and treasures, though...looking forward to seeing what you got!

  6. I was thinking about that basement. It kind of threw me at first because it wasn't the usual rumpus room material. When I went back on the second day and there was no frenzy of people, I realized that it had an outside exit and was supposed to be a separate apartment since it had a living room and a kitchen. But wait...did it have a bathroom? No. So now I'm more confused. Maybe it was closed off? That beautiful, mysterious house. I can't even bear the thought of anyone taking any of that wallpaper down. It's pretty amazing how the wallpaper looked so bright and new - especially in the kitchen where it should have been at least greasy and dusty. What a house! I love that picture of Lisa with her stuffed animal guy. And I don't remember seeing those chairs on the second day...someone must have bought them!

    1. that wall paper really was pristine. the kitchen was so clean too! i had a wild fantasy today about buying it and then selling my little cottage in glencliff but i probably can't afford west meade. haha. i'm just going to pretend someone really cool is buying it and keeping as is.

  7. The sales you hit always seem to have such wonderful wallpaper! Excited to see what you found!

  8. I want ALL the wallpaper! I really wish there were estate sales in the UK!

  9. I am positive whoever buys it will totally destroy all the fun quirks. Boo.


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