Wednesday, January 29, 2014

January Flea Finds

Here is what we picked up at the flea market over the weekend. Not a lot, but all the usual suspects. Books and photos and something with a face.
This book is falling apart a bit, but it really appealed to me.
Especially the illustrations! "Mammy! Mammy!"
I picked up the "Our Animal Friends" because of the colorized photos. The stories are so weird.
Here are the shakers I ended up with! I realized after I posted the photo that you can barely see these guys in it! I wanted the kangaroos too, and the little tiny birds, and there were some wolves too!
The animal boat ride book is adorable, look at the end papers! There were actually two copies for sale and I thought about buying both so I could pull the end papers out and frame them. Look at that raccoon!
And as always, I picked up some photos for my collection. Some dog ones, some vacation ones, and one I just liked.
I love the lady putting sun screen on the man's back! I think I'm going to steal her kerchief look when we go to the beach this summer.
I just like this photo of the couple in the snow. I'd love to have her jacket, and its hard to see here, but his jacket is fringed! And look at this tie and striped pants!
And these stylist ladies with a sweet tiny puppy. Right up my alley!


  1. Fun stuff! I saw you two at the flea, but you were talking to a dealer so I didn't want to interrupt and say hello...and then I got caught up in looking at things and when I turned back, you were gone. It was a good flea, considering that it was January and so cold...the Mister and I got a lot of stuff for the booth. Did you see the pink refrigerator? So cute.

    1. oh i didn't see you! or the pink refrigerator! what a bummer!

  2. I have a tiny vase with a cat like your salt and pepper shakers! AND I love Wild animals I have known! I have an old copy and read it over and over as a kiddo!

    1. how cool! it seems like something i would love loved as a kid


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