Monday, January 27, 2014

Nashville Flea: January

It was about 19 degrees when we ventured out to the flea market this past weekend. It got a little warmer throughout the day but geeze! There was even a little snow on the ground! Nothing can keep us from junking though!
Nashville friends, look at how deserted it is! It almost wasn't worth it. But we had fun. And yes, Travis is wearing shorts. I had to force him to wear pants the day the windchill was negative 9. He is ridiculous.
That coat kills me. He got it from a friend years ago and it had a burn hole in the side. He stitched a little bird over it to cover the hole! How freaking cute is that? Sometimes he really surprises me. That little bird makes me smile every time I see it.
Loved that gingerbread boy!
And this cool pop corn machine! I hope whoever bought it is going to display it in their rec room or something!
And check out this couch! It is hard to tell in my photo but it is made of barrels! and you can turn it and make it an L shape if you want. It was already sold too. Something else perfect for your knotty pine basement!
Table of salt and pepper shakers! I bought a set here, can you guess which ones? I wanted those seals! But I have a pair SOMEWHERE in my house that I bought a long time ago, before I was really collecting. Me set still has the whiskers too. I need to find it!
I REALLY wanted this lamp. But Travis convinced me not to get it, since we didn't have a place for it. Wouldn't it be a cool night light?
We made it about an hour and a half at the flea, then headed downtown to the Frist to see the Norman Rockwell exhibit. It was fantastic! If you are in town I really suggest going to see it!


  1. I love Travis's jacket! I ventured out in the cold this past weekend too! It was 13 degrees here but I had to get a little junking fix in. I really wish we had a flea market like that one, it looks like it has some really great stuff.

  2. Gah, I would have gotten the bulldog/frenchie shakers...the phones ones look cute too.. aaand I think I see some fox/wolf ones, I would have gotten those.... and the skunk ones!

  3. Wow. Travis is really quite the guy! Sewing + Husband ??? I cannot compute...... Awesome.
    And Gingerbread man?! For coming out in that weather they should have just gave him to you for free. He's so cute!

  4. 1. I hope to god you got the cowboy boot shakers...or the little telephones
    2. Also travis in his shorts in sub arctic weather is classic.

  5. Sounds like a good day. Travis' jacket is really funny. S'cute.


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