Saturday, February 15, 2014

Collection Update: Dream Pets

I was looking through old blog posts recently and realized that my Dream Pet collection has grown a TON since I first posted about it way back in 2012. Here is how it was then, mostly reindeer with one little lion in the middle. 
And here it is now! As you can see, the reindeer are all packed up with the Christmas decorations. For a little while I tired to stick to only red Dream Pets, but sometimes others are just too cute to pass on!
The surfing dog was a gift my best friend brought me when she went on a trip to Hawaii! Isn't she sweet with her long eyelashes and lei?
 I'm a sucker for any of them with long eyelashes actually. I LOVE this octopus lady!
 Check out this gators "side eye" going on. 
 The Pooh set isn't in the best shape, but they are so cute! I bought them at the World's Longest Yard sale our first year. The tiger isn't the Tigger that goes with this set, but I like to display them together. I keep all these guys on one of the built in bookshelves in my room.
 Long limbed monkey is a favorite flea market purchase. 
 Two lions! There are hundreds of different Dream Pets and knock off Dream Pets out there! 
 This guy is a silly donkey with jointed legs. 
As always when I'm doing a collection post, I find something else that belongs after I've taken all the photos (And now I'm realizing I have a poodle and a gnome that belong in this collection too, dang!). These little mice live on top of my stove and I enjoy seeing them every day. I bought them from Magpie Ethel's shop. She had two different sets and I still regret not buying all 8!
 Dream pets are one of my favorite things to collect! They are all cute and I love how stylized they are.


  1. Yeah, so this is the perfect collection. Eyelashes get me too, can't pass them up ... I love that octopus!

  2. Such a fun collection! I love the octopus and the mice set the best!
    Thanks for showing us, Rae!
    Erica :)

  3. Awesome collection, Rae. I've only found one in my travels, an adorable St. Bernard. But I'd love to score that elephant and octopus!

    <3 Jackie @ Let's Go Thrifting

    1. is it the same as mine? you can kind of see him peeking out behind piglet in the first photo. that is one of my favorites and it paid more than i usually would for that one! i love the little barrel on his chest!

  4. Rae, I recently downsized my own dream pet collection and I have a few that are looking for a good home. If you are interested I'd be happy to send them along to TN.

  5. These are amazing! Love them all! I used to have a bunch of little animals similar, have no idea what ever happened to them. The little dream-pet band is adorable!

  6. Love seeing an updated collection..half the fun is watching it grow.
    So glad those mice went to a good home!

  7. Love this little collection! So, so many cute things!


  8. I think that crazy (AWESOME) looking long limbed monkey may be my favorite. You are the undisputed queen of the dream pets!! :D Love seeing all the collection together like a tiny felt animal army!!

  9. ok off to google it now, never even heard of them but i love them all! x


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