Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Two Sales!

It's been so long since I've been to an estate sale or antique mall! My monthly vintage budget just keeps rolling over so maybe I'll go crazy at the World's Longest Yard Sale this year or something.
The same friends who had this amazing sale last year had another one last week and I had to go. I wasn't able to make it until they had been open a few hours, so I missed out on tons of stuff, but I still found a few treasures. Going through their stuff put me in the junking mood so I did a quick search and found a sale advertised in Old Hickory that had toys from the 50's and 60's. Sold!
Here is what I came home with:
If you've been following along you know we're in the midst of a big home clean out. So should I really be visiting sales and bringing home old toys? I feel fine about it actually.
How is that moth tin so cute? I hung it in our kitchen where we have lots of vintage red stuff on the walls. I got that little Santa Claus, Indiana plate for our newly hung state plate hall. And I think I'll put that bunny plaque somewhere to hang our keys on.
I can't leave behind a flocked deer, especially not for 25 cents! And the little white tag on the bear says "Great Smokey Mountains."
Some more members of my decrepit old stuffed animals club.
Look at how cute this lady is! I haven't seen one like her before.
This little view finder was in a jumble of jewelry and I expected to see some kind of vacation scene. Maybe the capitol building or the beach. But instead I saw this:
So I HAD to buy it. I love her expression!
This little caiman was tucked on a top shelf in the basement. His hands are missing but I've been wanting one of these (another one I guess, I got one for Christmas) and couldn't pass up the great 50% off day price! Even without hands he is still cute.
I spent less than 20 bucks and got a nice junk fix. What a fun morning!
I had to share these too! Not from a sale, I got these from a friend on instagram. I LOVE THEM! I have a small kokeshi collection, and these teeny candle holders are just too cute. I need to get some vintage birthday candles to use with them. The holes are a little too small for modern candles.
The box is so perfect too! Maybe I'll put this in a little shadowbox or something so I can enjoy them all the time.


  1. That view finder shot is awesome
    Retro rover

  2. Nice haul! I saw that caiman early on the first morning of the sale...people were passing him by because he was a little damaged. Glad he got a good home with you!

  3. Those old toys need some loving,,,! I am glad you rescued them!

  4. What a great finds. Love red deer and bunny plaque, so cute!

  5. That moth tin is so lovely & I think you should make little hook hands or tiny mittens for your caiman friend. I am glad that the little candle holders went to a superb home ... I have been having a clean out of my own & those were hard to part with, that box & the iridescent cellophane are so fab.


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