Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Collection 21: Vintage Stuffed Animals


Recently Mr. Tiny over at Wacky Tacky posted about this wonderful pink poodle he got as a gift.  It inpired me to collection all my weird vintage stuffed animals from around the house and bring back my collection series! I'm up to 21, but I'm pretty sure I have at least ten more. Vintage stuffed animals aren't something I set out to collect, but sometimes I just can't leave them behind.
 Here are most of them, I found two more after I took a group photo. And two MORE after I put the camera away! Haha. Also, we have a new neighbor and I was sure she was going to come knock on my door and catch me taking photos of my toys like a big weirdo!
I love seeing old stuffed animals at sales, but I don't bring them home very much. I usually just take a photo and that satisfies me. But sometimes I can't stop myself and they end up in this little collection. I have them up on top of a built in shelf in our room.
Funny puppy with a plastic head.
 Monkey lady with a skirt and beret. If you move her tail her head moves back and forth!
 Kind of sad vinyl elephant missing his ears. I still think he is cute!
 A little seal that Travis brought me home from the Goodwill outlet, he knows me so well!
 I love an old, handmade sock monkey. This one lives next to our tv on top of my karaoke machine. And that Koala has eyes that blink! He belonged to a girl named Mary Sue Head! I bought a BUNCH of 1950's baby clothes at her house, including a dress covered in skiing squirrels! One of the best sales I've ever been too.
 A little knit sheep with the sweetest felt eyelashes.
Blue kangaroo and her baby!
 Isn't he cute? Even without having back legs.
 I think one at an antique mall in Sevierville. I passed it up, and Travis was like "Don't you want this?" I thought the tag said $25, which is CRAZY! But it was just $2.50, so now he lives with me. Do you like his jaunty beret?
 A puppy with sassy felt eyelashes.
This is a Push Me Pull You from Dr. DoLittle, the 1967 movie version! Have you seen it? Its on Netflix right now and it's awesome! My favorite part is when he sings the romantic song "When I look in your eyes" to a seal wearing a dress and a bonnet! I couldn't find a clip of it, but here is the preview. Oh man, I need to watch it again soon! The giant snail!
A little homemade pig/dog thing. I can't resist a google eye!
This little wiry guy was in a weird flea market booth. I think he is so cute!
This guy is a radio! He nose is the volume knob. I haven't put batteries in it to see if it works yet. How cool is a puppy radio though?
The speaker is in the back of his head. You can kind of see the outline of it.
And of course, my favorite little stuffed animal had to get in on the action. Look at that sweet face! I hope you enjoyed this peek into one of my weirder collections!


  1. Wow what a collection. So that sheep reminds me of lamb chops! And that kangaroo looks like something i had when I was small, (I had a lot of hand me down toys and toys from Poland). aaand I love that handmade piggy, so cute!

  2. Such a weird collection of misfit toys. The knit sheep looks like lambchop.

  3. Hahaha...your cute pug just blends right in! What a sweet collection.

  4. I love how you give a home to the toys that other kids forgot about because they were broken and/or missing a limb. Such a big heart!

  5. When I was little and would stay at my granny's, she had a giant baby crib full of old stuffed animals like these...only hers her WAY more creepy. I feel like you would have had a field day at my granny's house bc she was kitsch x 100. She had several of those knitted toilet paper doll cozies. I used to integrate them with my barbies during playtime...which is actually really gross because those germy things LIVED in an old woman's bathroom. She also never threw anything a lot of her toiletry packaging was from the 60s and 70s.

    But anyway, I am smitten with that little lamb. It looks like LAMBCHOP!

  6. hey gurl. you need to open a museum like mister salt and pepper. i'm furr real.

  7. What a darling collection! I love the elephant and the little terrier. I also admire how calm Priscilla is! Recently Weasley ate the nose of one of my favorite bears, tragic! He was a vintage bear and my only one. I also remember that movie, it is very cute

    retro rover

  8. I've got to give you more ideas - I want to see all of your collections!!! Thanks for the shout out!

  9. aww I love the one that looks like a schnauzer...neighbor's pitbulls killed mine last November

  10. The weird puppy looks like a Rushton rubber, could be worst 100/200$ if you're trying to sell

  11. I have a STUFFED AM RADIO COCKER SPANIEL DOG that is for sale that still works. I know the dog is over 54 years old. If anyone interested e-mail me at I will reply with pictures and any answers to questions you may have.


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