Sunday, August 23, 2015


While we were in Asheville I realized we were only about an hour and a half away from Dollywood.We've been talking about going there together for years so we couldn't pass up the chance. Going through my photos I realized I pretty much only have pictures of us all posing silly around Dollywood. I was cracking up going through these, so I hope you enjoy. If you want to see more photos of things around Dollywood you can check out our visit from May here.
We rode the train this time. They talk a lot about what to do if a cinder from the coal engine gets in your eye. It kind of freaks you out!
Someone left this Captain America dog just sitting here. Of course we had to take photos pretending we won it.
Crystal and Marc tried one of the giant pieces of pizza from the lumberjack restaurant. They said it was better as a photo prop than a meal. Ah well, I guess that is just what you get with theme park food.
Travis and I snuck in food again since they have almost no vegan options (the website lists apple sauce and salad with no dressing). But of course I couldn't resist some fries. Enjoy this gorgeous photo of me:

Crystal and Marc love big roller coasters like Travis. I rode most of them, but sat out a few. I was prepared and brought a book this time.
Frozen lemonades are a must on a hot day.

These boxes are stacked up in the window of the magic shop. Aren't they cute?
This random coffin is probably my favorite photo op in the park.
The shooting gallery is SO CREEPY!
Marc, Travis and I rode the swings. I hadn't ridden a ride like this in years and I loved it!
I probably couldn't have ridden it twice in a row. As I've gotten older I've gotten more susceptible to motion sickness. Such a bummer.
We might have gotten a stern talking to over the loud speaker because our posing got too enthusiastic. Sorry Dolly!
The deer is my favorite!
Lots of giant plush prizes being given out that day.
This little girl was LOVING her giant blow up alien. She was standing here making it wave to everyone that walked past. Fun!
It was a very fun day.
It ended, as usual, the the Pigeon Forge Mellow Mushroom. Yum.

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

First Trip to Camp Driftwood

Continuing the "best summer ever" we spent last weekend in Leesburg, Alabama at Camp Driftwood. That is the name of our friend Josh's parent's new lake house. I hope it is the first of many! There was talk of returning in the fall for kayaking and campfire. Lovely.
Saturday we rented a pontoon to cruise around Lake Weiss. It was so fun! Like I mentioned yesterday, Priscilla was out on it for a while. When we came back to our dock to make lunch I dropped her off so she wouldn't get too exhausted and we went out again!
This is Billie! She belongs to Lauren and Josh and is a frisbee catching swimming maniac! She is so beautiful and sweet.
Varuca came too! She is the puppy we found in our backyard if you remember. She has gotten so big already! She used Priscilla's life jacket too.
It was such a beautiful day, pretty much until we parked the boat and got out to swim. Then it got dark and started raining out of nowhere. Wah! We waited it out and it finally stopped. It was pretty dark for a while, but it was still a great day for swimming.
I got so many photos of Travis leaping off the boat, but this one is my favorite! Look at that form!
It might look like it was just me, Travis, Crystal and Marc, but there were four other people there! I just don't know how much the others like pictures of themselves in their bathing suits online. I know the four of us don't care, ha!
This picture makes me laugh! Look at Travis just tipping off the edge! And Marc looks like a cherub flying by!
Billie stood at the top of the stairs with her frisbee. You can't come up unless you throw it!
Boat ladies! Look at Billie's perfect selfie face.
Boat! When I was growing up my grandparents had a pontoon boat and we rode on it a lot. I wish they still had it!
The fun wasn't done once our boat rental was up. They had this nice dock to swim off of! That big blue thing is a trampoline! The lake was really low (it is a man made lake and they let the water go down as it gets into fall) but it was perfect for floating.
I love this photo! Look at that sweet puppy!
I wish we could have stayed a few more days. There is nothing like swimming and laying out on the dock to dry off.
The cabin has this wonderful HUGE picnic table and grill. We made hot dogs for lunch twice, and grilled pizzas for dinner.
I'm real into these Stiegl Radlers. Perfect summah drink.
We had to leave all too soon on Sunday. Here's to Camp Driftwood! May your flag fly forever!

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Priscilla's Big Weekend at the Lake!

This past weekend Travis and I were invited to spend the weekend with friends at a lake house in Alabama. I have always wanted to take the pugs swimming to see if they like it but I don't know a dog friendly swimming hole in Nashville, and since pugs overheat so fast I don't want to take them on a long trip and risk heat exhaustion. This was the perfect place! The lake house was right on the water so I could pop Priscilla right back in the air conditioner if she got too hot! Phyllis didn't get to come because she doesn't like big dogs and there was a big sweet golden retriever there the whole weekend (you'll see her later!)
I was still a little worried about the heat, but the vet told me Priscilla has the best nostrils she's ever seen on a pug so I figured it was worth a go. I took way too many pictures. And I'm probably posting too many. But she is so cute!!!!
I ordered a life jacket from Amazon since no where in town has them this late in the season. It was on super sale too! I'm so glad it fit. Pugs are notoriously hard to fit since they have short bodies but big barrel chests. If you are shopping for one, we got her a small and it fit great!
We rode out on the boat and I got ready to see if she would like to swim. Priscilla is pretty happy as long as she is near you. She swam right too me and just kind of clung to me at first. It might have been the first time she was in the water in her life!
 She much preferred riding out of the water on a float. I think it made her feel more secure. Here she is with Josh, the birthday boy! His parents own the lake house and I'm so thankful they let us use it for the weekend!
 After a little while paddling around I put her back on the boat (with the life jacket of course). A few minutes later my friends were yelling that she had fallen off and went under! I panicked but thankfully the life jacket pulled her right back up. She had wandered through the open door at the front and somersaulted off! Poor thing! Thankfully, it didn't seem to phase her much.
We swam a little longer then rode back to our dock. Look at that wet baby!
Back on the dock, back in the jacket. Poor old blind thing doesn't slow down when she gets to the edge of things. While a few of the boys took the boat back, Crystal, Priscilla and I floated in the lake. I still wasn't sure she liked it so I put her back on the dock but she whined at me and tried to jump off until I pulled her back in.
 Look at her swimming! She wagged her tail while she did it!
 Mother daughter portrait.
 She seemed most comfortable in this float so I pushed her around in it for a long time.
Her face! I'm pretty sure now that she liked it. I'm proud of her for being so brave! It was a LOT of activity and excitement for an elderly lady who spends most of her time asleep on my couch.

After drying off she seemed so white and fluffy like a little bunny. She was a little cold so I wrapped her in a blanket and went outside. She got to sleep with us, which never happens. I think that was her favorite part of the weekend. She was very good and only barked at me once, to put her in between us. So sweet.
 The next day Travis didn't want her to get wet since we were driving home mid-day. He was a little sun burnt so he sat in the shade on the dock and held her for a few hours. In the life jacket of course. She was very content.
 The handle!
 Ugh I can't get over her cute little face!
She slept the whole 3 hour drive home wrapped in a blanket. What a big weekend for my girl!
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