Tuesday, March 3, 2015

The Nashville Flea: February

It was pretty cold this month at the flea, but that can't keep me away! Tons of the regular vendors sat this one out but there was still fun stuff to see. I actually ended up going twice. Friday with my friends Crystal and Marc, then Saturday with Travis.
Other Nashville flea regulars, this is antique alley. It felt like no one was there!
I always stop for chalk ware and vintage photos.
Silly Santa helicopter. Kind of wish I had brought it home.
There was one big booth full of toys. I had that little Mickey wind up thing when I was little.
Tempted by this Muppets game. The board was so cute, but the game didn't look that fun.

Look at that diaper thing! I didn't notice this guy the second day. Did someone buy it?
Me getting punched. I thought that was obvious, but Travis thought I was just making a face.
I like that little electric washer.
Dream pets! I brought home two of them.
I saw a good amount of cute vintage Easter stuff. I love that little red and pink egg near the bottom. When you wind it up the chicks poke in and out. I bought something in this photo, can you guess what it is?
What a cool pile of Halloween stuff! It was so expensive!
Flea market fries. Perfect snack on a cold day. They were so HOT.
There's Travis! I don't think he bought anything, just traded some pocket knives for other pocket knives. That is his favorite thing to do at the flea.
Always attracted to toys.
This vendor had a bunch of cute old baby rattles. I love that little dog to the front right. He is Steiff though, so out of my price range.
Haha! This is one of those story dolls you flip upside down. The back of the wolf is Grandma, and it is Little Red Riding Hood when you flip it.
More super cute Steiff stuff. That lamb!
I already have this exact poodle/pug lamp. But I still walked past it multiple times thinking about buying it. It is so perfect! 
Look at this awesome towel! I want it! But I would want to use it and it would get ruined. Isn't in cute? I found one online for $235.
Speaking of beautiful things, look at this perfect lunchbox. The first day I didn't even ask the price because I was sure it would be too high. I asked the next day though, I couldn't stop thinking about it! Are you ready for this? He wanted ONE THOUSAND DOLLARS! At the flea market! I looked it up online and saw them for $1300. I don't know if that is what they usually go for, or it was just because Leonard Nimoy died that day. I'll just have to treasure this photo. It is so awesome!
We went to lunch at the Sunflower Cafe. They are under new management since the last time we went and it was yummy! I got a vegan BBQ sandwich, with a bean medley on the side. Mmmmm.

And I can't forget this cookie dough parfait! It is basically just raw vegan cookie dough. And it tastes amazing. I want some more now! After lunch we ran some errands then went to a showing of Big Hero 6 at the dollar theater. What a good day.

Monday, March 2, 2015

Rest In Peace Leonard Nimoy

If you've been around me any time at all you will know about my undying love of Spock from Star Trek. I was heartbroken to hear the news that Leonard Nimoy passed away last Friday. Several friends texted me when they heard and I spent the morning listening to him sing music from outer space. (Someone is trying to sell that record on ebay for $750! People are the worst.)
I've seen a few sweet tributes to him around the web, I especially liked Katherine's post with her pugs all dressed in their science officer uniforms and Jes' post about his photography and view on large bodies. And I can't forget the interview Zachary Quinto did with Entertainment Weekly. 
My best friend Crystal texted me and suggested that I make a back patch as a tribute so I went to her house and made this:
I love how it turned out! I didn't get it sewed quite flat enough on my jacket, but I'll pull it up and redo it later. I made with with just a few layers or felt and some embroidered stars. I haven't really done anything crafty in a long time. It felt good. I've been wearing it the past few days and talking to lots of people about our love of Spock.
Leonard Nimoy was an incredible human being, and originated my favorite character in all of fiction. If you need me I'll be working my way through Star Trek, the original series again.

"Loss of life is to be mourned, but only if the life was wasted." - Spock

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Estate Sale Report

I haven't been going to many estate sales this year. I'm trying not to buy so much and sometimes at estate sales you buy stuff just because it is awesome and CHEAP. But recently there were two within walking distance of our house, so I had to check them out. One was family run and really weird and in just one room.
This one was better. I love that screened in porch. I wish we had one of those. Our cats would love it!
The best part was the upstairs. That wallpaper! So busy and kind of crazy in a little room with slanted ceilings. I love that mushroom wall hanging, but they wanted 50 bucks for it! Ah! That flower thing on the wall is gravel art!
That desert hook rug is awesome too! Too bad it was so expensive.
Another view. There were three rooms upstairs and they all had different patterned wallpaper. The stairs were so steep too! A lady behind me asked her daughter if it was worth the trip up and when she got to the top of the steps and saw that pile of books she was like "Oh YES it is!" Haha, so weird. They were just random paperbacks.
Except this sweet one: 

I was really tempted by this thing. Tree pods and google eyes and pipe cleaners? Maybe I should have brought it home after all....
I also thought about these. Thin plastic house shoes could come in handy!
I love these kinds of storm doors with the filigree and letters. I would love one for our front door. Or a metal gate in the same style for our back yard fence. And yes that sign does say all clothing 10 for $1! There was actually a good bit of vintage clothes, but they were all SO tiny. The teeniest girdle I've ever seen.
I didn't bring home much. Just these chicken pot holders and a little pill box.
I like little souviners like this. And it is perfect size to tuck into my lunchbox with vitamins.

Wednesday, February 18, 2015


A very sweet blog reader sent me the BEST package in the mail last week. Nancy first emailed me with some suggestions for our fall road trip, and asked if I would like some of the cards she collected when she was a kid. Of course! I was so delighted to open up the envelope and see all these amazing Valentine's! I had a few vintage Valentine's and have been on the lookout for me. I love every single one of these! So many I would have snapped right up if I'd seen them at an antique mall.
My favorite is the deer, or maybe that little space dude.
Oh wait, no, it's the hot dogs! How cute is that hot dog couple??
She also included this little knit outfit with a note saying her husband got it on a bottle of hot sauce over 30 years ago and maybe it would fit my squirrel. Mr. Squirrel is pretty giant, but it first my little ermine PERFECTLY! I have been cracking up every time I look at it.
Haha! I love how tall the hat is. I think this weasel needs a few more outfits. Thank you again Nancy, you are so thoughtful!
I know those Valentines up there made you wonder what we got up to on that love holiday. I had to work actually, but I took some time to finally make a custom banner with the kit I got for Christmas. I think I'll leave it up for a while.
I made Travis some vegan Shirley Temple cupcakes and left him this little display to find. He bought me a GIANT gift pack from Lush that totally blew me away! I can't wait to use all 18 bath bombs! Ah!

Monday, February 16, 2015

Snow Day! Ice Storm!

We don't get much winter weather here in Tennessee and an inch of snow can shut Nashville down. The past few days everyone was been freaking out and buying all the bread at every grocery store in town because of an impending winter storm. We didn't get the foot of snow some were predicting, but the whole city was covered in ice. It was so bad the store I work at actually didn't open, which hasn't happened in YEARS. Travis didn't have to go to work either. I was so happy to be snug at home and not slipping and sliding around town. We had a great day.
I worked until 4 them night before so I slept late. When I woke up Travis made us french toast with caramelized bananas and we watched That Thing You Do! What a perfect morning. In the afternoon we got bundled up and walked around our neighborhood.
The last ice storm we had was in 1995. It was way worse than this though. I'm so glad our power didn't go out!
It was fun walking around looking at all the frozen plants. We only saw a few other people out, and a few cars. We live on a busy road in a crowded part of town so it was strange.
We kicked lots of things to watch the ice fall off too. Like this sweet caution tape.
We walked around for about 45 minutes until the constant freezing rain got too cold. The rest of the day was spent eating carbs and watching Girls. I finally starting watching it and I love it! We just started season 3.
I'm supposed to work at 6 am tomorrow, but the Mayor is telling everyone to stay home because all the ice and water on the roads is just going to refreeze tonight and be worse tomorrow. I won't be mad if I get another snow day.
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