Monday, September 26, 2016

Top 10 Animal Instagram Accounts!

I needed something to cheer my up after making the post about Priscilla, so I decided to make a post about my favorite animal Instagram accounts. All of these bring me joy daily, and it was fun to look for cute photos to make this post. Instagram is my favorite form of social media, mostly for the critters. You will notice my taste runs mostly to seniors and weirdos. Are you surprised?

1. Wolfgang2242 // My absolute favorite. Steve posts photos of his big crew of senior rescues. You can feel how much he loves them through his photos, and he is passionate about senior rescue. Travis and I both love this account and show each other when new photos get posted. Travis' favorite is Bikini the pig, my favorite is probably Phyllis, the little fluffy blind lady, or maybe its Enoch, the beautiful wolfhound, or is it Eyeore the chihuahua? Really, I love them all. Even the chickens.

2. BubbleBeccaPugs // Becca is a breeder who also has a rescue. The best part of her account, the insane group photos! Look at all those babies! She'll post videos of them all running around or all begging for treats. I love seeing her well loved grumble.

3. HopeSpringsAnimalSanctuary // Another Beca! We've been internet friends for years now and I love her big heart for animals. Beca and Doug have been rescuing animals for a long time, but have just recently started Hope Springs. They take beautiful photographs of the animals they are feeding and fostering. They are moving to Tennessee shortly and I'm hoping we'll be able to help out in some way.

4. Sacco_Sorry // I have no idea how I found this account but it makes me laugh all the time! My best friend Crystal and I send each other their photos all the time. This account documents two chinese crested named Emir and Taj and they are just so WEIRD! I love Taj's smile and the fact that Emir walks on his hind legs on walks. Their owner obviously loves them and takes the best photos.

5. Alien Bat Pigs // Someone with 7 Boston terriers! That makes me tired just thinking about it! But I love how she documents her big crew, and they are just so cute. I love the videos of them running down the sidewalk. Boston's are so goofy and alien looking.

6. ChubbstheWampug  // I saw Chubbs for the first time in her Bantha Pug video, which is SO CUTE. Go watch it if you like pugs and Star Wars! Now she is a beautiful 14 year old pug lady who is obviously adored by her family. It breaks my heart a little to see her on my feed, because it makes me think of my senior ladies, but I still love to see her. Especially when she goes swimming in their pool.

7. 2leggedMaggieMay // This is a new one, because this little angel has only been round for two months! She is a chihuahua born without her front legs and she is adorable. So so TINY and loves to play with her chihuahua siblings and her dad. A vet tech took her in and is making sure she has a great life. I love the videos, she looks like a tiny baby bunny hopping over the ground!

8. Spicedoggs // This one is pretty new to my list, but it is a good one. I THINK they are in Japan, and I think all 8 dogs belong to one person. The are mostly poodles, and have the cutest clips and clothes. This is one of those accounts that is just purely cute. I especially love the group photos.

9. SusiesSeniorDogs // A non-profit that bring attention to the often overlooked senior dogs in shelters. They will post dogs looking for homes and success stories from people who have adopted seniors. It is sad how many stories begin with families giving their dogs to shelters just because they are old. It is shameful. I love seeing these seniors and reading their stories. They still have love to give, and deserve to live the last part of their lives surrounded by love.

10. TheBumblesnot // Another beautiful senior pug. This one is 13 and reminds me of Priscilla so much. I actually cried while looking through his account looking for some photos to post. Bumble has several dog siblings, and his whole family loves on him constantly. Even when you are an old old dog who can't move around much, you can have a nice life.

There you have it! Ten of the instagram accounts that I love. This actually cheered me up a little bit, even though I put this post together at 3 am because I couldn't sleep. Do you have any animal ones that I need to check out?


  1. Hah! Mine are all cats and your are all dogs! This is my friend's account and it's fabulous (cat and dog):

  2. Oh also:

    Princess Monster Truck:

    Goats of Anarchy (special needs goats sanctuary):

    Pibbling with Theodore (former fight dog's life - my old coworker's dog!):

    Iggy Pop's bird Biggy Pop:

    Mark the Dog Guy (volunteer groomer at NYC Animal Control):

    Tucker the Fire Trucker (fire house cat):

    Sophie the Model:

    Flame the Arson Cat:

    Franklin the Pig:

    Canopy Cat Rescue (yay!):

    Cat and Kitten Foster Rock Star (and Sunjo's relative):

    Tipped Ear BnB in Austin, BnB with a fixed feral cat colony:

    Ol Pejeta wildlife sanctuary:

    NW Chimp Sanctuary (omg Roxie and Burrito):

    Wild Bird Fund rescue and rehab in NYC:

  3. I miss you. I hope you are OK.

  4. Love ❤️ following cute animals!


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