Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Amazing Yard Sale!

Eartha alerted me to an amazing looking yard sale that was happening on her side of town last Saturday. I thought about lining up to be there when they started at eight, but it was cold and rainy and my warm bed felt like a better choice. The girls running the sale said they had dealers lined up at 8! We got there around 8:45 and there was still a ton of great stuff! 
I have such a weakness for lamps! You can probably guess which one I bought. I loved that blue swan light switch cover too. But I actually have FOUR switch plates in reserve because I've bought too many cute ones!
We ran into Lisa while we were there and she said what I had been thinking, "I feel like I'm at my own estate sale!" There was so much cool stuff! I really would have loved to see what the dealers snapped up! Look at these pictures I keep noticing things I didn't see before.
For example, I didn't even notice that beautiful wreath to the right!
I think I'm going to regret not getting these putz houses. It was 20 dollars for the whole box, which isn't bad at all! Remember how I was recently complaining about not having any because they are always so expensive?
That barkcloth on the top was so beautiful! And look at that cute cat pillow. I kind of wish  had bought that for my couch.
I keep saying it, but there was so much good stuff! And you could kind of see into the house and there was even BETTER stuff in there! I want to hang out with the people who threw this yard sale.
Here is Travis waiting in line and freezing! Oh man it was unexpectedly frigid that day! And yes, his shirt does depict Godzilla destroying Nashville! My best friend is making them, and she is going to have them on her etsy eventually. I have one too and I LOVE IT! It says "Tennessee tastes good to me!"  on the bottom. So good.
Here is what I brought home! Look at that cake tin! It is light pink inside! Travis and I can't decide if it's actually old, or just designed to look old, but I love it. The cribbage board was a Travis purchase. He wanted to learn to play it, we glanced at the rules but they are pretty involved!
I got three wonderful photos for my collection! That one on the right is a kid on a taxidermy horse! Can you believe I have two of those now?
Some cute made in Japan salt and pepper pelicans!
Another thing I have a weakness for is cute vintage cards. Could those little elves be any more darling?
My new lamp! There is a little bulb in the yarn too. It is kind of weird. I need to find a little fiberglass shade for it. 
This little album is wooden with an Atlantic city postcard on the front! I'm thinking of putting new pages in and using it to hold my "guys in awkward bathing suits" photos. Most of the pages have photo corners but no photos. There are some good ones in there though.
Like this sassy guy and his cute dog!
And last but not least, I could not leave this little monchichi necklace behind. I don't have much jewelry, but what I do have is all silly.


  1. The putz houses! The swan light switch cover! Would have snagged those for sure. I think the cake tin is a repo but super cute. Looked like a great sale!!

  2. This sale looks amazing!!!! Seriously cute stuff! And I love that cake tin!
    Great finds,
    Erica :)

  3. I know I'm a complainer when it comes to these posts but I can't help it; we NEVER have sales like that out here. You're right - so much good stuff!!!

  4. Totally wish I had known about this one. :( Your finds are awesome!

  5. The cake tin is a nice find, whether it's old or not, it's still great!!

    I really think you should have bought the Putz houses - I'm sure you don't want to hear that!!!!

    What a fun yard sale, those don't happen very often...

  6. OMG a yarn ball lamp?! aaaah! Cribbage is really fun - it's a game that is easiest to learn with people who know how to play it really well already and can teach you, b/c there are a LOT of rules/steps... but then it's really fun!

  7. Oooooooh! Ahhhhhh!! You're right. That's exactly what it would be like if someone held our estate sales. I'll let y'all know when she has her next one.

  8. I hate seeing photos of sales full of stuff that I would buy and resell! or keep! no..resell because I don't have room anymore!

    I do love a fun sale!

  9. AHHH dream garage sale! I just want to spend one season sale-ing in your neck of the woods! There seems to be such different stuff, and so much more of it than over here.. Stands to reason, I guess. We're a small and young nation!!
    LOVE the stuff you got. Especially the lamp and the salt and pepper set. Yeh I'd love to see what the dealers got too!!!

  10. Oh so much kitsch, glorious kitsch! I love the lamp you picked, but that big spaghetti light behind it would have been mine if I was there. That and every other thing there...

  11. I'd have cleaned. Them. out. Dayum. Best yard sale I've ever seen o_O

  12. I'm one of the girls who hosted the yard sale along with Greg (my partner) and Allison (my best friend). We totally talked about wanting to be your friends too. :) Allison can teach Travis how to play cribbage. She's a pro. Do you guys want to come over sometime soon?!

  13. that estate sale is taken right from my dreams
    retro rover

  14. Hi, the cake tin looks like one made by Typhoon, a British homewares manufacturer. Its not very old, but still very nice. My Mum owns a cream one!

    1. you are totally right! i KNEW it had to be new, the seal was too good! I just paid five bucks so I got a good deal! now i want more from that line!


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