Thursday, November 12, 2009

Paperback Swap

as i've been going through stuff, packing up for our new house (not finalized yet, i hope i don't jinx it) i've been trying to get rid of things. because i am a terrible packrat. one thing i have lots of trouble with is getting rid of books. i read the same ones over and over, but there are some i know i wont read again, but it hold on to them. usually because i paid full price for them and it seems a waste to let 15 bucks go to dump or goodwill. but then, i discovered...

you've probably heard about it. or something like it. you list books you are willing to send to other people, and for each one you send, you get a credit to request a book from another member. i put 50 books up yesterday, and already got requests for six! so that, and the two credits you get for signing up, means 8 new books for the price of shipping off the old ones i dont want. i'm really excited about it.

and i know some of you are big readers like me and probably have a hoard of books you don't really want but don't want to get rid of.

funny, as i'm writing this i'm watching labyrinth and it's the scary part with the old ladies with all the stuff on their backs, trying to get her to keep everything. hahaha, so relevant. if only a goblin king would come and take me away. as long as it was david bowie. or jemaine dressed as david bowie.

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