Monday, January 4, 2010

Some shots of our new house

Travis woke up really sick today. it was so sad. because he never gets sick. he puked almost every 15 minutes for hours! i felt so bad having to leave him to go to work. poor thing. right now we are sitting on the couch and he is sleeping on my lap. i don't want to get up because he looks so cute and comfortable.

we watched "the hangover" tonight. ugh i hated it. i didn't laugh once. i can't believe it was such a big hit. so stupid. i think i have hated every movie i have ever seen about las vegas. except for rat race.

omg omg on new years the wide angle part of my lens magically started working again! it hasn't worked at all since MAY! so here are three pictures of my messy house. all the work is supposed to be done this week, so we can actually unpack and it won't look terrible all the time. haha.

i bought a new shower curtain! it makes the bathroom look so much better. did i take a picture of the cherub curtain? haha. i don't know why there is a window in the shower. our first apartment was like that too.

i really really really hope the stove gets hooked up tomorrow. i'm so sick of eating out. dana brought us falafel and fries for dinner two nights ago. and that was awesome. but i can't wait to be able to cook in my kitchen! ahh!

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