Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Right back where i started from..

so after some research on how freaking expensive a rental car from nashville to california will be, there has been a little change of plans for our anniversary trip. (it has to do with the mileage.)

we are going to fly there! then wander up and down the cost for two weeks! so i need your help...

tell me awesome places we should go! towns, or sights, or stores, or restaurants, or parks...anything! we're thinking of flying into san franscisco, and flying out of san deigo. what do you think?

it's only about three months away! i'm already excited!


  1. ooohh ooooh. OK. In San Fran...just wandering around Fisherman's wharf is an awesome way to spend the day...and when you go to San Diego...go to the San Diego Wild Animal Park (not the zoo...its overrated.) The wild animal park was maybe the coolest zoo I have ever been to. 2 thumbs WAY up!

  2. Santa Barbara is always pretty. Mini Meet, boxes and an inside look at good places to eat for non tourist prices :) Happy Early Anni


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