Thursday, June 30, 2011

St. Louis Part Four: The City Museum (again)

there ARE exhibits in the city museum. but, almost all of them were blocked off for weddings. which kind of sucks. i feel like they should reduce the price if you can't get into the whole place. the one we did see was stuff that this guy finds in excavated out houses. really cool. I love all the lined up doll parts. 
there is a room where you can make paper snowflakes. it is so fun! the lady who is in there made up all the patterns and tells you stories while you work. here is the one i made: 

it was really hard! but it turned out pretty good.

ryan was waiting for us. he didn't want to do crafts.

stopped into the really dark corn dog/carnival themed bar.

there is a vintage store on the fourth story.

sponge angel.

we slide down to the first floor and go outside.

it is like a huge amazing playground. i don't take a lot of pictures because i'm too busy climbing.

we get a pizza for dinner. it was ok. 
last time we were here we got sandwiches and they were really really good.
after we eat go to the roof again, but take the elevator this time, instead of climbing all 11 stories.

ryan took this picture of us on the ferris wheel. that is us at the very top!
 the view was great but it was REALLY scary!

i took pictures to try and be calm. it was so creaky and rusty and HIGH and the guys working it looked 15. wah!

i love these strawberry shortcake pops. hadn't had one in so long!

we were talking about staying until they closed at 1 am, but we had been there 5 hours already and were so tired!

didn't get in the ball pit. the 13 year old boys were being too crazy.

until next time, city museum.

back at the hotel we collapse into bed. what a great day. 


  1. I want to play in that gigantic playground!

  2. Wowsers that looks amazing!! Happy days!

  3. a thrift store in a museum???!!! Whooah thats ace! In fact that has to be the coolest museum I've ever seen-I LOVE the snowflake x

  4. every place you go is the best place ever!

  5. european hipster sweaters. there are no words awesome enough.



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