Monday, October 24, 2011

Decorating the Dining Room

I finally finished putting up my halloween decorations! i actually ended up throwing out a ton of what i had because it was mostly cheap ugly junk i picked up in college. i'm on the lookout for cuter things to use. but here is what i used to decorate our dining room.

top of my china cabinet.  
silly little lanterns hanging from the light.  
dining room table.  
little bitty skeleton my bff brought me back from oaxaca, mexico.  
kind of halloweenish? i saw another kitty exactly like this at the flea market! shoulda got it.
of course i have to get this picture in whenever i can. oh stephen.  
and a perfect little halloween kitty to complete the look.


  1. I saw a table like yours at the ts Unfortunately someone ruined it by scribbling permament marker all over it

  2. That picture of Murray! Agh! So cute! Your decorations look great. Nick and I have not done much in the way of Halloween decor (aside from the palmistry chart and Ouija boards we have in the house year round!).

  3. Great decorations, and I love the last shot of your cat! :o)

  4. Looks great! Wish we celebrated Halloween with such enthusiasm here!

  5. Great decor! And adorable kitty

  6. how do you keep your meowmers from eating all your decorations? mine would have a hey day with those little plastic rats

  7. Ok, now I'm even more embarrassed of my own lame attempt at Halloween decorating! This looks so so great. And I LOVE that kitty planter! It needs a tall cactus tail :)


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