Friday, April 6, 2012

Holga Class: Travel Edition

The first two rolls I shot for my Holga class were from our Florida vacation in February. Out of the 24 exposures, I got 11 that I like, which I think is pretty good! I'm really excited to keep shooting this summer now that I have kind of an idea of what I can get with my cameras.
Accidental double exposure of Hogsmeade. I really love it!

Pier at Daytona Beach Shores.
The Varsity in Atlanta. My first holga shot ever! I'm really proud that it is in focus!
Savannah Georgia
Back in the Day Bakery, with a light leak
Creepy pier in Lake Monroe.
The Varsity again
Middle of nowhere, Georgia
I love how dreamy this spanish moss looks. I can't remember where I took this. I love the soft blur on the right side.  I've got some color film now that I can't wait to shot! Sadly, I have to send that off to get developed since I don't have access to a color darkroom. 


  1. The double exposure gives the Holga so much charm.

  2. I think we all know the "accidental" double exposure of Hogsmeade was no accident . . .

  3. that picture of the pier looks straight out of an old horror movie!!

  4. I think the double exposure - looks SPOOKY!

  5. I love the bottom two, the pier and the hogshead double exposure so much! this is great!

  6. i have a roll of black and white that i've been dying to use in holga. must try it.

  7. Dude! These are awesome!!!!! im proud of boo for taking that class.


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