Friday, March 15, 2013

Sick House

We've got a sick pug on our hands! I don't want to embarrass her by posting her symptoms on the internet, but lets just say it involves the mop and a fecal collection kit and rubber gloves and keeping her on a towel or in her room. Poor thing. We've got some medicine and we're hoping she'll be all better tomorrow. Sometimes dogs are gross. Good thing she is cute! 
Speaking of cute. I just can't resist these two.

I tried to take a picture with them both, but it never worked out. Here is the best attempt. Today was my first day in an eight days of work in a row stretch. But it will be worth it because next weekend we get to go out of town for Travis' birthday! We're still trying to decide if we're going to bring the dogs with us. Don't you think they deserve a little vacation from their hard schedule of sleeping and eating and being carried around?


  1. HA, I just died when I read "I don't want to embarrass her by posting her symptoms on the internet.." FEEL BETTER, LITTLE PUP! (Or mom might put you in diapers..)

  2. Aw, poor thing. Hope she back to her regular poopin' self soon! :)

  3. aww! get well soon little pug x

  4. Poor girl! Those sound like THE worst kind of symptoms. And poor Mom and Dad. Uggh... I hope that she's better soon.

  5. Poor girly! I hope she's better soon. Dogs are gross, but they make up for it by being the most adorable babies ever <3


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