Monday, May 6, 2013

Recipe Round Up!

I have a few more awesome recipes to share with you! We've been trying lots of things since I last posted a round up in January, but these are the really good ones we've added to our regular rotation. They are all vegan of course, and I've got some really good desserts this time! And obviously the pictures aren't mine. Click the link underneath to get the recipe!
 Beet Burger from Yummy Mummy Kitchen
I hadn't eaten beets before but I decided to be brave and try these burgers. I was pleasantly surprised! The basil gives the burger a super fresh taste! We will definitely be making these this summer! 
 Vegan Mac and Cheese from Oh Dear Drea. 
Drea has the best recipes. Bummer she isn't posting many anymore because she is maybe going to put out a cookbook. I'm so happy she shared this vegan mac and cheese recipe! It is so delicious and perfect for one of those days you need some comfort food. When it is hot, you could probably trick a cheese eater, it is so creamy! It tastes even better as leftovers!
 Sugar Cookies by Yummy Mummy Kitchen
These cookies roll out and cook up just like sugar cookies but with coconut oil instead of butter! The batter was delicious and I'll be sure making these next Christmas. I haven't tried the icing yet, but I bet it is good too. 
 Chocolate Yogurt Bundt Cake from the Post Punk Kitchen. 
We've made this cake probably four times! It is what I had for my birthday and what I took for Easter to my family's house. It is dense and rich and tastes perfect with fresh strawberries! I like to make it with vanilla coconut so delicious yogurt! 
Trifecta Cookies by My Girl Thursday
And these cookies! Oh my gosh, they are the BEST! I have made them a BUNCH! They are vegan AND gluten free but you would never guess! They are flourless and amazing. I have taken them to work meetings and parties and no one ever guesses they are vegan! It is a winning recipe for sure!

Have you made anything really good lately? I've got a ton of soups pinned that I can't wait to try out!


  1. I am far from a vegan but these do look tasty. There is a resteraunt here in NYC Dirt kitchen that is vegan that I have always wnated to try but its super popular, I love following you on instagram by the way. Too bad we dont live nearer to eachother Im sure we'd be good friends

    urban hounds

  2. Now I'm hungry. Beet burgers are awesome! I tried beets for the first time last year, and I too was surprised at how tasty they were.

  3. Yuuum, vegan recipes :) That beet burger looks amazing. Always on the prowl for a good veggie burger to experiment with.

  4. my favorite vegan mac and cheese is here: but that one looks really amazing, too!

    and my friend shannon has a vegan baking blog if you love sweets:

    also, i keep trying to like beets but they just taste like dirt to me!

  5. Vegan Mac and Cheese! YES! LET ME GET ON THAT TRAIN, NOW. Thanks for all the great culinary inspiration!!

  6. I'm not a vegan or vegetarian, but I love all types of cuisine. These recipes sound delicious, especially the Mac and Cheese!

    What Lola Wants

  7. I always seem to read food posts when I am super hungry!!

  8. SOO MUCH YUMMM!!!!! I am going to make those sugar cookies today and have beet burgers for desert.

  9. Gahh! All of that looks so delicious!


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