Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Our Last House

Yesterday Travis was looking at his old Whiskerino profile for some reason (warning if you look at those photos, there is a pretty scary mustache involved). We took a lot of his images at our last house and it made me nostalgic and I also realized I hadn't shared pictures of the house here. So indulge me a little bit, I think you guys are going to love it. 
Travis and I lived in this amazing house for a year. I can't say much about it, but it was an incredible experience. Sadly, I never really took the time to walk around and photograph the place. So there are tons of pictures of friends there (I can't believe how often we used to have people over for themed get togethers!)
 There was a covered walkway that went from the dining room to the old kitchen house. They used to rent that little place out, how cute! There were a few little ponds around this covered porch and lots of flowers to cut.
There were more out buildings. All with great red roofs. I wish I had a picture of the original carriage house! I don't know what I was thinking. I was blogging at the time (on my old live journal) and you would think I would have taken the time.
I loved this covered porch. 
This is another shot from the beard competition. Ha! This wallpaper was in the room we used as our bedroom. Man, I wish I could have somehow brought all the paper with me. I know it has all been torn down now.
We had a big fireplace in our room, too bad we couldn't use it. Those are flowers from our wedding and the gorgeous Mr. Bowie of course.
Those big windows! So beautiful, but it was SO COLD in the winter! That is Scampi in the window. We just had two cats when we lived there.
 Another competition picture. Hah! That crown is from my short lived career in child beauty pageants. Oh I WISH I could tell you all about that! This wallpaper was my favorite and was in the front room, that we called the ballroom.
 Because of that chandelier! Look at it! Oh I can't believe I lived somewhere so amazing!
I had to include this one for those curtains! Kind of a strange choice for the room, but they worked somehow. That stool we were using for our photoshoot was over 100 years old! It went with a super old piano that was in the house.
 I can't believe I don't have a better picture of the entry way. It is a big open space that goes to the upstairs (which I have NO pictures of!) One of the bedrooms up there had a great mid century cowboy light fixture. And more amazing wall paper.
 On the landing in the middle of the staircase there was a little door that went into this room. THE COFFIN ROOM! Ah! When this house was built there was NOTHING else around so the family had all their coffins shipped to the house to wait for them to die. Isn't that crazy? This room was creepy and unfinished and awesome. This is another Whiskerino picture.
 Some more wallpaper. This room had heavy deep red curtains. We had a Yule Ball that Christmas and asked people to dress up. It ruled.
 Then there was the kitchen. Can you tell what the wallpaper was?
 No simple fruit pattern here, look at all that bountiful produce! It was so overwhelming in the best way! I miss that kitchen. It was huge!
We used this room off the kitchen as our living room. The house was over 7000 square feet and we lived in just three rooms in the bottom back.
 Look at that red! (This is a picture from the year we recorded a Christmas album. Ha!)
 And last but not least, this is the room we lived in during our last month there. It was so cold and we didn't want to buy propane since we were moving out. This room had the least windows. It was still 50 degrees or less in there! It was so miserable!
 You can see the pattern a little better here. 
 So we moved from this amazing manor into our little cottage in December 2009. Sometimes I think I've lived a pretty boring life and don't have any good stories, then I remember things like this crazy house.
And I had to post this one because it made me laugh. It was the second day we were in our new house and Travis captioned it "We moved into a new house. I hope Santa can find me." Look at that beard! Sad to say it didn't last til New Years. I just couldn't take it. Maybe someday I'll let Travis live his beard dream.
I hope you enjoyed this trip down memory lane!


  1. Whadayamean you got no pictures??? You got lots o' great pics of that house!!! I love all that paper!! Makes me wish decor companies and decorators would grow some again and familiarize themselves with something other than white, almond, and brown. That kitchen paper makes me want a giant salad!! Whoa! It makes me sad that it may have been taken down. Boooo. But that last pic makes me laugh again! How funny! And that jumper!!! Brilliant!!

  2. Wow what an interesting house. I wish you could talk more about child beauty pageants and whatnot. I always find it so interesting.

  3. Wow, loved the house tour!! Looks like a house with a lot of character and charm.

  4. The house is fabulous and it looks like you guys had so much fun, but that last picture and caption have to be my favorite! Hahahaha!
    It sounds like such a fun adventure!

  5. Oh my goodness, what an incredible house! I think I could die happy if I had lived in such a house, haha. But seriously, that is what dreams are made of. Enjoyed all the lovely photos!


  6. Let me get that Bowie poster! And that tiara, while you're at it! Such neat photos, this part of your life really sounds like something out of a cool, 70's children's/young adult book. "And, as our adventure in the grand house began..." SO COOL!

  7. Its an amazing house, what an incredible adventure to live there

    urban hounds

  8. woweee what an amazing house!! All that wallpaper is just divine! especially the crazy vegetable/fruit wallpaper!

  9. What time is it? Adventure Time! Looks like some good times were had and amazing memories were made. :)

  10. One of my favorite posts thus far!!!! I am so incredibly in love with that house!

  11. When you say that you "Can't say much about it," does that mean you're not allowed to? I feel like I need to know the entire history of this incredible house!!! It is so awesome!!! I'm hoping you can fill in a few more of the details. If not, I'm sure glad you shared these photos. Thanks!!!

    1. The 6700 square foot house was built in 1818 by Nathaniel Greene on 26,000 acres awarded to him after the American Revolution for his work as an Administrative Aide to George Washington. It used to have a distillery, a steam factory, and a grist mill on the property. It's down to 600 acres now(300 woods/300 farmable,mainly soy beans and tobacco).the super old piano she is talking about was the first in the county(as was the house), and people would come over a pay his wife to play songs. whoever bought the house had to take the piano with it since it is solid and too big to fit through any of the doors. the coffin room still has spots on the floor and ceiling where you can see the places the brackets were mounted to hold the coffins.

  12. Terrific pictures and better yet terrific stories to tell and memories for you two! What a house!

  13. What an amazing place to stay in, even just for a year! The wallpaper patterns would make me super dizzy I think - but some of them are very cool. I pity the person who has to redo all those walls! Tearing out wallpaper isn't fun.

    Thanks for sharing!

  14. With my imagination, I'm sure ghostly figures would have followed me around on the regular. Any weird/spooky things happen?

  15. I'm so glad you finally posted this! I'm simply floored by the wallpapers. You had not one, but TWO rooms with peacock wallpaper? Incredible. What's the story behind this amazing house?

  16. Wow, wow, this house is amazing! I am so curious how you ended up living there. Really incredible pictures. The columns on the front blew me away.

  17. Seriously. The wallpaper!!! And that covered porch is what my dreams are made of. How did you get to live in this house?? It's so so amazing.


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