Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Graceland Continued!

 Once we went through the main house tour we had a few more stops to make. One exhibit was about Elvis' private planes. The Lisa Marie was huge! Elvis had a bedroom in the back, with a queen bed and everything! It wasn't very cool looking inside though, so I didn't take any photos. I loved the videos though. They said that once when Elvis realized his daughter Lisa Marie had never seen slow, he whisked her off to Colorado. She played in the snow for a few minutes, then they came back to Memphis.
 The smaller plane was much cuter inside! Look at those curtains! And the colorful seats!
The automobile museum was really cool! I'm not really into cars, but I was drooling over some of the ones from Elvis' collection.
Especially his pink Cadillac! This one was his mother's favorite and she liked to drive it around Memphis.
 There's a tv playing some of their home movies on a loop. I LOVED watching them. You can see some of them on youtube here. I especially loved the videos of them in Hawaii, you can see them around the 2 minute mark. What is better than Elvis in a striped tee and short shorts?
 There were a few other little exhibits on our tickets, mostly kind of lame, but I liked the Blue Hawaii one.
 Oh Elvis.
 Another fun thing about Graceland is the sheer amount of Elvis memorabilia! They have everything from Elvis nail clippers (You KNOW I brought home a pair!) to replica jumpsuits! Of course they didn't have my name on a mug. But they did have Olga.
 Everyone needs an Elvis chalice!
 I came pretty close to buying one of these TCB cups. I use cups that style for my smoothie every morning, so I would get use out of it. In the end it was just tooooo overpriced for me.
 They have everything you could ever think of with Elvis on it. And a few things you wouldn't. I kept telling Travis that I wanted to get the guitar filled with popcorn, and I think he thought I was making it up. Haha. What a weird souviner.
 One of these days I'll get one of these things, they are so funny! I think I like #4 the best! We did end up buying the overpriced photo they took of us before we started our tour. It was pretty cute, and I was in vacation mode!
 If you go to Graceland, wait to buy your souvenirs at this shop across the street from all the official ones. It has a lot of the same stuff, but much lower prices!
 We rented a car for the weekend, and it came with Sirius radio! And Sirius has an all Elvis station, so we decided to just listen to that for the weekend. It was fun! Like our Detroit trip where we only listened to Motown music.
 This weekend we also stopped by Elvis' first home in Memphis. I'm not sure how we hadn't gotten around to it before. Isn't it cute? I would love to see what it looks like inside!
 Look at that fence! I love the ironwork, and how they did the bricks! Those awnings are pretty great too. It is on a residential street, but has been bought by a musical preservation society or something, so no one lives there.
Another shot of those cool gates!

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  1. Oh man! I could easily get out of control there. When me and Jamie went to the Space Center, I was proud of myself because I only bought like 4 things bc who doesn't want space stuff?!?!? Elvis stuff would be harder to restrain myself from. I would have gotten the olga mug....I almost bought one that said Bert at goodwill the other day. I felt bad for it. If it makes you feel better, my name is never on anything either therefore I have to get stuff that says "kim" and as my old roommate used to say when people called me that, "who the hell is kim?!"


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