Thursday, December 26, 2013

Oh Christmas Tree!

Oops! This was supposed to post yesterday! Oh well, it's still close enough to Christmas for one last Christmas post right?
You've seen my aluminum tree, but I also put up a green tree every year. I like how the aluminum tree looks with just vintage balls, so I have to have another tree for the rest of our ornaments. Both of us were given special ornaments every year growing up, so was have a tree full! I'm actually looking for a bigger tree in the after Christmas Sales this year.
Here are some of my favorites: This sassy little spun cotton snowman.
A suspicious Santa, and one of you probably recognizes that monkey!
There are a few pug ornaments on our tree, most with one of their legs taken off because of our little tripod Miss Phyllis.
There are a bunch of Dalmatian ornaments too, because I was obsessed with 101 Dalmatians when I was a kid. That woody is our ornament from this year. It plays "Holiday Road".
I love that sweet little santa, I got him last year. And that spun head guy on the book? is so cute and weird. It is a matchbox too, so you could put a little treat in there or something.
And I can' forget this stunning piece. My dad bought me this one at the grocery store at the height of my Backstreet Boys love.
And there is my beautiful tree skirt! I love it so much! One of the cats puked on it this year, of COURSE. But I think I'll be able to clean it.
This is one of my favorite ornaments of all. My mom made it when she was a little girl in sunday school. The best part is she told us she actually stole that little baby jesus from the girl sitting next to her! Haha, I always look for the "Jesus nut" when we get the ornaments out.
It feels so cozy in the living room with the tree lights on, and my ceramic tree. I'm almost sad to take all the decorations down next week!


  1. I am now on a mission to find an ornament you need but don't have.

  2. Merry Christmas to you guys!!! I love that tree skirt so much. One of these days I'm going to have to commit to weeks worth of felt appliqué...we'll see if that ever happens. All of your ornaments and decorations are awesome!

  3. Rae, I've so enjoyed both of your posts showing your Christmas decorations! You and Travis have such a cool collection of things!
    Happy Holidays to you!
    Erica :)

  4. Your Phyllis ornaments are adorable! And the sassy snowman has a a sassy cousin here in Colorado. I found one kind of like it a few weeks ago.

  5. It looks so amazing. I love seeing your house all done up for Christmas. I love the pug ornaments.

  6. your tree is just great

    retro rover


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