Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Phyllis in the park!

 It's finally spring and the weather has been beautiful! We spent Sunday afternoon at Centennial park, along with what seemed like half the population of the city! Everyone was so happy, laying in hammocks, flying kites, throwing frisbees. We took Phyllis along, just because she is precious.
 Look at that smug face!
 We took our bocce set and played under the trees. Travis won this round. 
 Her teeth! She doesn't have too many left.
 I had a great day off with two of my favorites. When we got home Phyllis promptly fell asleep and snored the rest of the night away! We spent the rest of the night watching movies and I tried to go to sleep at 8 since I had to get up at 2 am for inventory at work. Blah!


  1. Phyllis is seriously the cutest ever! Ever! Love her face.

  2. The second to last picture is my fave!! I want you to get it tattooed on you!

  3. Awhwhwhwhwwwww Phyllis is soooo cuuuuute


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