Monday, July 7, 2014

Rock Island Fourth of July!

I love the fourth of July! This year we celebrated by going with some friends to Rock Island State Park. It is about an hour and a half from our house. I thought we had been recently but looking back it looks like we haven't been since 2010! Which is a shame because it is amazing! Look at this place!
It actually wasn't as crowded as we were expecting for the holiday. It was PERFECT out! About 85 degrees and sunny, 0% chance of rain. It was probably the best day I've had all summer. Here is a little bit of a photo overload. Crystal came with us, and she has a really cool waterproof digital camera!
The best swimming hole is to the right of the main trail. It is a pretty treacherous hike to get down there. Especially with a cooler!
We found an easier way on the way back, it just involves a short period where you have to walk through waist high water. We brought two other couples with us, and happened to run into some more friends in the parking lot!And look at Travis carrying that cooler. Bless him.
We found the perfect spot right down by the best rock jumping area. The lady in red is my new friend Ashley! She is the one who did taxidermy with us recently. She brought her husband Justin and her friend Christina.
Summer nails, summer cider, and my Sharon Needles coozie! 
Here is the spot everyone was jumping from. Not me! I'm too much of a chicken! The water is so cold and clear, and you can't even touch the bottom!
Marc in mid air! 
I spent most of the day floating with my Super Noodle! I love that thing. I've already gotten my three bucks worth out of it!
Crystal enjoying her float. Look at that beautiful light! It really was a perfect day.
Here is another less scary place to jump from. I'm still not into it.
Here is a view of the rock you jump off of from out in the water. Scary!
And here is where we were hanging out right next to it. It was great, there are tons of ledges to sit on, and some under the water too so you could sit in the water without having to swim.
Travis in midair!
I hope we can go back at least once before summer is over!


  1. Wow wow wow! That looks so beautiful! I want to go there....and also not jump (I too am a huge chicken)!!!!

  2. That looks amazing. I wouldn't jump off any of those, either, so you've found someone at least as chicken as you!

  3. This place is so pretty, natural spots are the best right? And your friend Crystal is super funny, she looks so cool on your pics all the time :)))

  4. I'm so jealous! That looks like a beautiful get-away. That first picture... sigh... daydreaming!

  5. That's the kind of weekend that makes long term memories. What a beautiful spot.

  6. That Sharon Needles coozie is about the coolest thing I've ever seen. I've jumped into quarries in Knoxville back in my college days, but I don't think I could do it now without some liquid encouragement (in said SN coozie, naturally). :D Gorgeous pictures!


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