Thursday, August 14, 2014

Accio Diagon Alley Post!

On our second day at Universal we headed straight to Diagon Alley to get a time to come back and ride the Gringott's ride again. It was about an hour after opening and the line was already over two hours long! When we were coming back for the ride we ran into our friends Josh and Lauren who live here in Nashville too! We knew they were there, but it was funny to walk right past them in front of the bank! They were there with their niece. She got chosen at Ollivander's and went through the whole wand ceremony thing. So cool!
 The dragon looks so realistic. I loved it, and took so many photos of it from every angle!
 We caught the second show they do, right when we came out of the ride. It's a puppet show of the Three Brother's story from Beadle the Bard. The puppets were beautiful! Especially that death puppet!
 It was so amazing! Try to catch it if you're there!
 Sirius Black's motorcycle!
 Cutest custom taps.
Crystal fell in love with Butterbeer. I loved everything!
 Maybe my favorite thing that happened was Marc went through and open gate and was peeking back through that arch. I asked if there was anything cool back there and he said, "Yeah! My BROOMSTICK!" and pulled that mop out! Haha!
Of course we had to ride the express back to Hogsmeade to see what happened on that journey. We were hoping for dementors!
They have a cool trick mirror thing that makes it look like people are walking through the wall to platform 9 3/4.
 Man, I was so happy this day! Really every day of our vacation. We had the best time!
This ride was more fun because we were by the window and could see everything! Dementors! Malfoy manor! The trolley!
 By this time I was totally into it and had to buy myself a wand. After much hemming and hawwing I ended up with Hermione's wand! She really is the best. It will live on my special Harry Potter shelf.
Good job Universal! We are Harry Potter!

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  1. amazing amazing amazing. That death puppet is insane!!


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