Saturday, August 9, 2014

Roadside Fruit Stand!

On our way to Juniper Springs we passed this roadside "fruit stand." There was only a little fruit, but tons of yard statues and made in Mexico pottery and weird taxidermy. What a perfect stop!
Have you ever had a boiled peanut? I had them once and Charleston and they were so gross! I don't know the ones I had were just a bad example, or they are always so slimy and gooey and disgusting.
 "Act like a chicken!" "Coo-coo-ca CHAW"
 I love that giant giraffe as an archway! If I had a fancy garden that is what I would use as the entrance.
 This big green guy might be my favorite. Something about all those teeth! And that cow who looks like he is trying to get in the photo.
 There were rows and rows of this stuff just piled everywhere. Some of it full of rainwater. Or an occasional bird nest.
 This bird was so cute! They had a radio on playing pop music and he was singing along! Not the words or anything, just kind of a parrot yodel? If you tried to talk to him he would just stare at you, then as you walked away he would chatter away. He seemed like such a happy bird, and the girl working the register kept laughing at him.
There was weird taxidermy scattered around. Those half squirrels were just stuck on top of pill bottles! With marble eyes! There was a whole peacock! And it's just sitting out. Under a roof but not inside.
So weird! That whole squirrel Crystal is holding wasn't even sewn up on the bottom, the cotton balls were just falling out.
Bar stools.
Random santa.
Bagged dogs.
This thing was the grossest! A half squirrel/half stake! Who made this? Why??? Look at those red eyes!
I ended up bringing home one of these squirrels. The one on the left. I have a bunch of wall squirrels at home but none as bright as this! This place was the perfect little stop on our road into the Ocala National Forest.


  1. Looks like such a fun place!

  2. I have passed by that place so many times. I finally stopped there weeks back. Isn't it fabulous. Barberville Produce, I want to check out the Barberville Pioneer Settlement down the road next time I'm near there,
    Great pictures!

    1. man i wish i had known about the settlement. i bet it's fun!

  3. That place looks AMAZING. Though, they need to lay off the taxidermy because they're just not doing it justice. Or those poor squirrels. I want that pegasus SO MUCH.

    1. i know! i fkind of feel like its one of their friends killing squirrels in their yard then trying to make stuff. so creepy!

  4. Holy moly, what the heck even is that place? People are crazy sometimes.

  5. I would have wanted to buy that skelo cat in the third to last photo (above the photo of Crystal with the lizard)


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