Saturday, November 22, 2014

Beautiful Ithaca New York

Like I said, our friend's Carolyn and Rory offered us a luxurious air mattress to sleep on in their apartment in Ithaca. Not only was it fun to see them, they made us vegan pot pie for dinner! It was awesome! We listened to records and laughed and had an all around great night.
The next morning Carolyn showed us the way she walked to school at Cornell. Could this place be any more gorgeous?! I couldn't believe it!
 How lucky would you feel to walk this way to school? Or you can ride the bus if you aren't in the mood for the stairs.
 That's Rory in the red, and their beautiful Llewellin Setter. 
The whole town was adorable. Well, at least the parts we saw. We went on a walk to get coffee (chai for me!). It was a great morning.
 Look at this pretty girl! She makes me think of an extra glamourous Dalmatian. Bea is deaf, but is also a trained bird dog!
 On our way out town we had to stop by Taughannock Falls. Look at this place! It was surreal! I wish we had time to hike down to the bottom of the falls.
 Can you see the path down there? There were people standing on that little spit of land in front of the falls, but you can even see them in this photo because they were so tiny!
 One thing about Ithaca is that it isn't really near any big major roads. We had to take a scenic highway to get back on track, and I'm so grateful. We went along the Finger Lakes for a while and they were breathtaking. We kept looking for some kind of scenic overlook but never found one. Here you can kind of see how blue the water was. We saw a fox running in one of the fields! After several days of rain it was great to have such a beautiful day for the drive.
 After a few hours we were at our destination, Niagra Falls! You know I have a whole post on that coming up for you! But while in town we stopped to see this modern wonder. It is called the Second Coming House of the Prophet Isaiah. The man who lives here thinks the world is ending this year and this is his welcome center for the lord. Isn't in beautiful? It is so surreal in person.
 I couldn't get over how amazing this was. Look at all those layers and colors! When I read about it online it said that Isaiah has redone this house over and over. It is just stunning. I was hoping he would be there because it said he is very nice and likes to talk to people, but we missed him.


  1. Beautiful photos - nature sure is amazing! And that house! Wow!

  2. All of this is breathtaking. Just when I think nature trumps anything man-made, you show us this house!!! Incredible! If the world is ending, I'm glad that he is going out in such great style!!!

  3. that house is amazing
    and the fall colors
    retro rover


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