Sunday, November 2, 2014

Halloween and a Surprise Party!

I love Halloween and this year was one for the record books! Weeks ago I decided what I wanted to be but wasn't sure if I'd be able to get everything together and pull it off. But I finally found the perfect outfit and with some hair and makeup help from my friend Aubrey it came together perfectly! Can you guess what I was from this photo? I was cracking myself up every time I looked in the rearview mirror!
And here we are! We dressed up as John Waters and Divine! If you aren't familiar with Divine you can read about her here. I'm a huge fan of her (and John Waters DUH) and I'm thrilled with how this costume turned out! I felt great all night! Not everyone knew who I was, but those that did seemed to love it.Everyone else probably just thought I had crazy make up.
We met up with our usual crew, Crystal, Marc, and Thomas. Crystal wore her rams horns, Marc was The Count from Sesame Street, and Thomas wore his new gorilla suit! We went out to dinner at Rose Pepper, then headed to the 5 Spot for their Monster Mash dance party!They had a photobooth of course. I hope that trend never goes away.
The 5 Spot is the most fun place to dance I've ever been! Lots of motown and novelty Halloween songs and some 90's hits thrown in for good measure. Perfect! We stayed for a few hours then dragged ourselves home. We tried to leave several times and then something would pull us back in. You can't go home when Thriller is on!
The next day has been in the works for over a month! Crystal's husband Marc wanted to throw her a huge surprise party for her 30th birthday! He and Marissa did most of the planning, and I helped as much as I could. I wanted to instagram so many things while we were getting ready but couldn't without spoiling the surprise! Here are the pumpkins Travis painted, and I made over 40 sugar skulls! It ended up being too cold to decorate them at the party, so we're going to do it next weekend. And break the pinata we forgot about during the party. Haha!
We spent all day Saturday setting up. I didn't get photos of everything but here are a few! Candy buffet! The plastic witch fingers were a hit! They are perfect when you are dancing. (Tip: if you need fun Halloween candy go to the dollar store! They have so much good stuff!)
A shrine to Crystal. We papier mache'd the skeletons you see a few months ago and Marc painted them all, including the huge Crystal one!
Eye balls! One of my favorite Halloween motifs.
Thomas came and helped a lot with set up too. He was Henry VIII. The dress up theme was dead celebrity. Ashely and Justin won the costume contest. They were dressed as Tye from Clueless and Dimebag Darrell respectively.
We had a big tent set up in the back yard complete with a dance floor! I wish I'd gotten a photo of it!
Pinata loot.
Travis dressed as Phillip Seymour Hoffman's character from Boogie Nights. An idea he come up with all on his own. Haha! The shorts weren't the greatest choice since it was freezing cold that night!
Crystal was totally surprised and it was awesome. Marc bought her a Patsy Cline style dress to put on. There was a food truck there to provide dinner (Confestador for locals! The fried avocado tacos were AMAZING) and a DJ to provide dancing music! It was FUN!
The best part was the photobooth truck Marissa found! It is called Photo Boot and was so fun! They print a copy for you in the trailer, then posted them all on facebook this afternoon. We laughed so much taking these! We had a wonderful night and it was a party we'll be talking about for a long time! Happy birthday (early) to my best friend in the world!


  1. You ARE DIVINE!!!! That birthday party looks incredible too. I can appreciate how much time and love went into it - totally worth the effort!

  2. That party looks amazing! And the cake! My favorite kind of aesthetic.

  3. I'm obsessed with your costume still. I'm sad I didn't get to see it in person this year. Boo. The same way you said you kept looking at the pic of Jamie as rex manning...I kept looking at you and Travis as john waters and divine. It never got old or not funny. Every time I giggled

  4. Looks like everyone had so much fun!!

  5. What a lucky girl Crystal is!!! It takes a lot of heart to pull off something this big for a friend. Not everyone has friends who celebrate them as much :) She will remember this forever! You guys deserve a standing ovation, Rae. Really. And that photo booth is so cool! I am zooming in trying to see everything......
    P.S. I remember crying when Dimebag Darrel was killed. He was my Cobain. Totally random.

  6. SO AMAZING. I can't even believe it!!!! I felt like i was dreaming when i came in, for real. And who would've thought we'd get to dance all night TWO NIGHTS IN A ROW (almost three. the tent is still here). I can't wait for party follow-up/pog tournament/pinata busting/sugar-skull decorating next weekend!!! Also, it's pretty amazing how much you all lied to me so good for an entire month! thank you guys seriously so so so so so much!!!!! i. am. the. luckiest.

  7. that is the most clever costume! I love it

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