Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Shenandoah Caverns: Ruled by Pixies

While we were driving through the Blue Ridge Mountains we had to make time to stop at one of the many caverns along our route. Shenandoah Caverns was included in the admission price of the parade float museum, so it was the obvious choice. That and the fact that it's mascot is a pixie.
This dated photo was right inside the door, I knew we had made the right choice. We had to wait about 15 minutes for the next tour. I'm happy to walk around a tacky gift shop while I wait! I ran over to one case, very excited about the souvenirs I was about to pick up, then I realized it was a display of vintage ephemera from the caverns. Dang! They still had a pretty cute pennant. AND a crushed penny machine of course!
 This is their original soda counter from 1957! During the summer it is open and you can get fries and milkshakes.
 The caverns were really beautiful! The only other cavern I've ever been in is Ruby Falls, and Shenandoah Caverns is much more spectacular! The pixies let us know not to touch the formations.
 Beautiful! I took so many photos! It was hard to narrow them down!
 They have the largest "bacon formations" in the US, if not the world. A fact they are pretty proud of.
 The amount of time it takes for these formations to form. It is something like one square inch every 100 years. It is incredible how old and beautiful they are!
 Also the cave had great lighting for photos. A definite plus!
 Selfie 200 feet below the surface of the Earth.
 I can't remember what these were called but they looked like sparkling diamonds when the lights came on. The guide turned on a color changing light and it was a spectacular effect. She said they host weddings in front of it sometimes. I bet that is beautiful!
 The final attraction at the Caverns is called "Main Street of Yesteryear". You walk up these steps past some giant bears.
 Yep. You press this and the bears talk, something about coming across the country to live there.
 The exhibit is reconstructed antique window displays. Some of them are really amazing! Like Cinderella in her carriage, and the toy soldiers. Everything was hooked up to some kind of sensor because things started moving when you stepped close to the window. The only thing was there was no sound, no music, it gave everything an extra creepy felling.
 There was a big carousel!
 Part of an Easter window.
 The circus was my favorite! Three rings of action! The circus horses! The acrobats! The characters in the rings moved, and then there were floats that went all around the edge.
 The creepiest was the ball room scene. The dolls all jerked around to the sound of grinding gears. Spooky!
Thanks Shenandoah Caverns! We had a great time!


  1. I'm sure I've already said it, but you are in charge of planning all my future vacations. This place is pure perfection! I'm not a huge science fan, so I couldn't believe how many pictures I took of the Grand Canyon and the caverns I visited in West Virginia - rock formations are the business!!!! Those window displays are show stoppers too! Wowee!!!!

    1. I wish it was easy to start a trip planning business for people who have the same specific interests I do! Half the fun of the trip is in the planning for me!
      I have GOT to get to the grand canyon, I think I'd go crazy!

  2. So AWESOME!! WhenI get to go to your part of the world I'm going to look back at your blog and write a list of where I'm visiting!! Looking forward to catching up on your recent posts.. x

    1. When you do email me! I'll make you a probably too long insane list of fun things to see!

  3. I adore the caves and kitsch!

  4. That ballroom scene is haunting!!!

    1. that whole exhibit is SO weird, you would love it.


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